ZEVENT 2021 was different this year, both in terms of the atmosphere and for the participants. The absence of Squeezie has raised many questions. Streamer Locklear, after the controversy over his move to Malta, was clearly sidelined at the start of this edition. We also note the altercation between the Inox youtubeur and the Ultia streamer. But it is also positive elements, with the first appearance of Amine (@AmineMaTue) and Rebeudeter. Zerator explained to Locklear and the event ended up going well, with a new donation record.

Drama and controversies had taken place even before the event took place, concerning the chosen association. To add a little complication, all this fell in the midst of the Twitch Leak period, where the salaries of French streamers were unveiled on the web. But if all these stories finally participated in the national democratization of this event, this edition was nonetheless successful in terms of fundraising. More than 10 million have been raised for Action Contre La Faim so far. This is a bit more than last year’s edition, as we saw in our article on the organization of the event. Back on this eventful edition and not like the others.

ZEVENT 2021: 10 million raised for Action Against Hunger

Each year, the event brings together thousands of people and Internet users on Twitch. This year’s new “recruits” brought something new, but also new, very generous communities! The goal, over the years, is to break the record set the year before. If we look, since 2015, the sums collected have only increased. In 2016, for the association Save tea Children, the ZEVENT raised 170,000 euros. This sum is now collected in just a few minutes in 2021! In 2017, the ZEVENT had recovered 500,000 euros, then 1 million in 2018, 3.5 million in 2019 and an absolute record in 2020, with 5.7 million!

For this 2021 edition, viewers have responded, despite the controversies, absences, current dramas of the Twitch Game.

That’s an incredible amount, collected in just a few days and only on Twitch.It should nevertheless be remembered that this event is not broadcast on television, that it does not benefit from national publicity in the media. Everything happens on the web and social networks, with the streamers. A look back at this 2021 edition of a ZEVENT not like the others.

Squeezie’s absence from ZEVENT 2021

When Zerator announced the dates and attendees for ZEVENT, everyone noticed one absence, that of Squeezie. The rumors have grown, and no one yet knows why the most famous streamer and YouTuber in France did not participate in this 2021 edition.

Squeezie at last year’s ZEVENT, along with the Joueur du Grenier. Source: ZEVENT

Some Internet users note that Squeezie is very close to Locklear and that the Tweets against him, published by Zerator, could have grown Squeezie not to surrender to ZEVENT 2021. Perhaps personal or other problems as well. For the moment, the main interested party has not reacted and has not communicated on his absence and non-attendance. However, he made a very short appearance and made a nice donation, over 40,000 euros on the Inox live! During this sequence, Zerator can be heard telling Squeezie “Your name resonates everywhere even if you are not this weekend with us, you already had things planned.”

“I’m sorry not to be there, I follow it from a distance but I’m too happy to see this craze.” Squeezie, on ZEVENT 2021.

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Emmanuel Macron’s message for ZEVENT 2021

In politics, you never know if it is a real sincere support or to garner votes in a part of the population. Nevertheless, Emmanuel Macron, the current President of the Republic, sent a message to the organizers and donors of ZEVENT 2021. And the scope is therefore national. We know that he is seeking support from young voters, especially after the health crisis and the difficulties encountered by a large part of French students. Remember also that he posted a message of support last year, for the 2020 edition.

Inox, Billy and Amine: the revelations of ZEVENT 2021

This year, three new streamers smashed the PC screens of viewers Twitch. Inox and Billy for their madness and Amine for her joy to be present at this event. The success of these three streamers is even more remarkable since Billy and Amine come from the Twitter sphere and Inox is originally a YouTuber. Their energy was felt during these three days and it is partly thanks to them that the donations have reached more than 10 million euros this year. Friends Billy and Amine have us gratified of several crazy moments, especially with a scooter driven by Billy and Amine falling on a pillar.

Stainless steel vs Ultia for the ZEVENT 2021

If a streamer hasn’t gone unnoticed during this 2021 edition of the ZEVENT, it is stainless steel. The controversy unfolded in several stages. Inox staged what can be called a live “drag”. By the way, Inox broke the record for viewers on Twitch in France, with more than 400,000 people connected to its live. Inox continued the ZEVENT by participating in a live song. Deemed embarrassing, uneasy or daring, this moment when Inox flirts with a girl heavily while singing and during her stream was highly commented on on the networks. Everyone will be able to make their opinion on this passage from ZEVENT 2021.

The streamer Ultia, present at ZEVENT, criticized the attitude by Inox in full live in front of his viewers. On Twitter, many Internet users agreed with him, judging Inox vulgar, sexist and misogynistic. Indeed, Inox took advantage of a girl who does not understand French to say rather salacious sentences. “I have the brackmar uphill”, or “Go under the desk”. The streamer Ultia was outraged at this moment and was shocked that the sighting record on Twitch be carried out for this moment. Here is the video where she asks Zerator to cut the Inox live.

Inox has been warned of this passage from Ultia. He then came to apologize to her. What gave a rather incredible moment and greeted by Internet users on Twitter. From drama and controversy, for finally many excuses and an extended debate on social networks. The number of viewers reached an all-time high during this episode, which brought in a lot of donations … and what could finally compensate for this moment, somewhat embarrassing.

LockLear sidelined? Zerator explains himself

As we said in the introduction, Locklear going through a difficult period with the community Twitch, but also with other streamers. Since the affair of Twitch Leak, Locklear is widely criticized for moving to Malta, an island where there is little corporate tax paid (5% versus more than 30% in France).

The lives of Locklear were therefore a little … Sad. We felt the streamer sidelined throughout the entire element, even though Amine came to liven up his stream a bit from day one.

Streamers criticized the location of Locklear during this 2021 edition of ZEVENT. Indeed, Locklear was in a corner, literally, in the room. At the back of the large open-space, we couldn’t see him during the wide shots of the event. During these three days, he nevertheless received the support of Gotaga :Locklear came like a warrior to this ZEVENT. It is important to him to be present, but it is very hard for him,”Said the French Monster.

locklear zevent 2021
At the end of the event, during the third day, Locklear was still more relaxed and put at ease by his friend Gotaga.

The famous Twittos and now Streamer Amine came, among the first, to give some strength to Locklear’s stream. If there were a few different between them, they finally got along well during these three days.

Zerator and Locklear, a story that ends well

The other streamers followed suit, Zerator also came to express his support for Locklear on his live and gave explanation on his location. Zerator came to Locklear’s live and clarified things live:

“I just wanted to say publicly that I have nothing against you. It is a pleasure to invite you to the ZEVENT. We didn’t have time to talk to each other before ZEVENT, I just wanted to play down the situation. ” Zerator at Locklear during ZEVENT 2021.

After the exchange between Zerator and Locklear, the situation was “de-dramatized” for the two streamers and calmed down on social networks. Eventually the tension eased and everyone in attendance gave Locklear strength on his Twitch channel.

locklear zevent 2021The event therefore ended on good positive notes, with Locklear’s big smile, and above all more than 10 million collected! Hoping that the 2022 edition may be less tense, with less fuss between streamers, and that the ZEVENT still breaks donation records!

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