Those who have access to a computer and an Internet connection can do small jobs for the outside and earn in hard currency

It has been more than a year since the government decree the first phase of Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation (ASPO). This caused the Argentines who stayed at home and devoted themselves to making heavy use of the web and digital entertainment.

Others, on the other hand, pointed to the “changas” on the Internet (for the country and for tasks entrusted from abroad) to make extra incomein several cases in dollars.

It’s about the microjobsas tasks that require “human” intelligence are called, which can be hire almost instantly and whose resolution takes between an hour and two days.

One of the pioneers in the field was amazonwith Mechanical Turk, a service it first used internally to allow users to perform certain tasks that a machine is incapable of, such as verify that the image of a product on your platform is the one indicated or out of good quality, validate data or answer surveys.

Later, the ecommerce giant opened that service to other companies that wanted to take advantage of human intelligence services, without the need to hire staff. And competitors arose exclusively offer these types of jobs to people from all over the planet no other requirements than a computer and internet connection.

But there is also freelance work platforms aimed at professionals who offer the possibility of earn money in a short time and get extra income.

freelance explosion

In the case of work platforms existing in the country, among the job offers published by their client companies there are several tasks that take a few hours or even a day and are paid in dollars.

These platforms of freelance employment They come showing a strong advance in number of users What do they seek turn your time into money through some remote task.

We noticed an advance of close to 50% in the number of freelancers who signed up on the platform“, assures iProUP William Bracciaforte, co-founder of Workanawhich has more than 300,000 independent professionals registered in Argentina.

Not only that, iProUP agreed to a survey conducted among 20,000 companies from all sectors by Freelancer, in which six out of ten companies assured that will allocate more jobs (which until recently they carried out internally), to independent people who contacted by Internet.

Sebastian Siseles, VP of Freelancerplatform that nucleates almost 500,000 Argentine employees registered, ensures that finding work online is very fastAnd simple, and that the projects are also resolved in very short deadlines.

This encompasses “all tasks linked to the designthe same as translations or text writing. These are not very sophisticated activities that can take a couple of hours or days. And they pay between 50 and 200 dollars”, he reveals to iProUP.

For its part, William Bracciafortefrom Workanaagrees that The vast majority of commissioned projects have a two day maximum charge whereby paid up to 300 dollars. He adds that the “65% of jobs at Workana they hire in less than 48 hours“.

What are most abundant short design assignments as banners and arrangements; short articles for blogs and websites; little ones programming tweaks on microsites; short video editing of less than a minute, among others“, affirms the executive of Workana.

“We hope that the signatures of e-commerce or those oriented to the Internet grow in this periodand that this trend lasts over time”, reveals Bracciaforteby anticipating which will be the industries with the greatest demand for employment.

Therefore, it is expected that the activities linked to the graphic design, content creation (text, photo and video), the finance specialists Y marketing analystsamong others, continue to be much in demand for relatively simple online jobs.

For everyone

Beyond the freelance platformswhich require certain professional knowledge, there are also microjobswhat are you offering “digital changas that, in many cases, do not merit more requirements than being an Internet user.

Is about platforms with simple tasks for payments ranging from u$s5 to u$s10 and so many times do not require more than half an hour of workWhat searches on the Internet, viewing advertisements, buying on websites, comment on polls on-line, bug report on digital channels text editing or translations.

In many cases, these websites record user behavior data, which allows their profile to be analyzed for the creation of reports that are then sold to clients so that they can carry out marketing activities based on that data.

“I have answered some surveys and it takes less than an hour“, he affirms to iProUP Silvia Bilbao, resident of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro who takes advantage of his free time to add income to her salary as a technical support operator.

In addition, he confesses that he has a user created in more than one of these services, because “as the tasks are filtered by profile, there are usually few per week”. A) Yes, makes sure to have projects on a frequent basis.

Microjobs allow you to earn a few dollars with tasks that take half an hour or less

Microjobs allow you to earn a few dollars with tasks that take half an hour or less

Indeed, Bilbao assures that the account registration process is usually somewhat complex, since a lot of data has to be entered to find the job offers that best fit the profileso it recommends “answer them conscientiously“. “That allows assigned tasks to be easier to solve and to complete them in less time and be ready for the next one,” he reveals.

In addition to freelance jobs, you can also do “microjobs“, that is, jobs that only require one hour of resolution.

In addition to Amazon’s MechanicalTurkanother of the main players in the “microjobs” is fiverrwhich owes its name precisely to the fact that all his works are worth five (five) Dollars. Thus, you can find tasks ranging from write comments on a blog or help make social media profiles, give advice or teach classes short to programming and design tasks.

But there are also other options:

  • PeoplePerHour: proposes tasks from the 10 dollars. In addition to positions with technical knowledge (marketing, design, programming), it includes offers to write comments in social networks, recordings Y translations
  • Amazon mTurk: designed for people with lower technical requirements. It is a community where companies relate to people from all over the world for short-time tasks, such as dead link check, image quality control, subtitle writing, claims supportetc.
  • swagbucks: your “gigs” consist of answer surveys, search the Internet, report promotions and online offers. Thus, users accumulate points on the platform that can be exchanged for cash or purchase orders on Amazon and other ecommerce sites.

how to charge

The main challenge for professionals that implement this modality are the charges. As usual, PayPal is the means used for this purposebut when bringing the funds to Argentina through the banking system they are pesified at the official price.

So that the fees yield more, each time more users prefer to use the platforms peer to peer or P2P (person to person), such as airtm, that offers an account in AirUSD, his own cryptocurrency tied to the US bill. Thus, you can have a savings account in the cloud in which to receive the funds and transfer them to a local bank account in pesos at blue value.

Besides, it’s regulated by the FINCEN (Financial Crimes Control Network), dependent on the US Department of the Treasury, which audits airtm for certify that there is a dollar as collateral for each AirUSD existing.


Earn in dollars with

Jerome Bernot, Global Head of Platform Operationsexplains to iProUP that the three most widespread uses of the platform are:

  • savings in dollars: In this case, the payment is received and instead of being reconverted to the local currency, it is hold hard currency on the platform and is withdrawn when needed
  • Receive international payments: Widely used by freelancers. The professional receives the funds and convert them to your currency or request a card to pay for purchases out of the country
  • Remittances: users use the wallet to send and receive money to family and friends in Argentina. Transfers between users are free

The app works as a broker that connects people who want to buy balances with others who are looking to sell them. Currencies are reconverted to a rate that is established within the platform based on supply and demand, with a value very close to parallel dollar.

A new crisis, new solutions: freelance work and the “community” payment platforms They have already entered the financial medicine cabinet of the Argentines, world champions of resilience.

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