Work as a Copywriter It is a great option to work around the world, whether you are looking for a job from home, or if you want to become a digital nomad always carrying your work in your backpack. It is a job that, although not a novelty, has experienced strong growth in recent years thanks to the internet and new technologies. In fact, the demand for Copywriters, or creative copies, increases every day, you just have to do a search in the main job portals to realize it.

Surely you are asking yourself a lot of questions about this job … What is the Copywriter? How is it to work as a Copywriter? Why can it be done from home or from anywhere? How to train to work as a Copywriter?

If so, do not worry, it is normal, sometimes these terms may sound like Chinese, but without going any further, surely when you read a little more, you will know what this digital profession is about, and above all, if it fits with you or not.

Then we give you all the keys to work as a Copywriter.

What is a Copywriter

Copywriters are professionals who they live from writing.

They write for companies, agencies, web pages, e-commerce, they make sales pages, advertising, videos, and even the video scripts themselves …

In summary, write texts with a purpose, guide the reader towards a specific action, such as a purchase.

There are a lot of web pages, companies, e-commerce… that sell the same product. However, some sell more than others. Much of it is due to copy, the text used to sell.

By having the same product, a good copy can better connect with the audience, and as a result, sell more.

This may be an example of what a copywriter has been doing. A job that allows you to work as a freelancer from home or from anywhere in the world. And best of all, a job in high demand for professionals.

Copywriters can perform a wide variety of writing-related tasks. All of them, closely related to the online world (sales pages, web pages, product pages …), although they can also elaborate texts for jobs offline.

Some of the functions they perform are:

  • Write.
  • Investigate.
  • Edit.
  • Correct.
  • Manage projects.
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns.
  • Measure results.

What options are there when working as a copywriter

As often happens in these types of jobs, there are two options for working in the world of copywriting:

  • Employee: working for a company.
  • Freelance: working on their own.

Obviously, each of these options has advantages and disadvantages.

The ideal is to assess what is best for you and select, however, if you want to work from home or traveling the world as a digital nomad, you will most likely opt for work as a freelancer.


You will work for a company on demand. The good news is that you don’t have to search for customers.

However, you have all the disadvantages of working for a company, for example, having to be physically in a certain place, schedules … (unless you work remotely as our employees?). You should value the conditions and your time well.


Although you will have to find your own clients and manage your company… The advantages are good: you work remotely (from home or around the world), you can have as many clients as you want or can, and therefore, generate higher income, and the best of everything, the freedom to work whenever you want.

Where to find work as a copywriter

You can search for job opportunities as a copywriter on many web portals.

Today there is a great demand for professionals in this area. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find employment in this sector in almost any of the best job search pages.

Web portals where to look for a job for copywriter

However, here is a list with some of the web portals where to look for a job for copywriter.

  • FlexJobs: Here you can find a wide variety of opportunities.
  • Indeed: It is a job metasearch engine, it tracks various employment and company web pages to collect all the calls on its website.
  • LinkedIn: It is a resource that you should not miss when looking for a job as a copywriter.
  • DirectResponseJobs: It is one of the reference web portals to look for opportunities for copywriters (in English).
  • Upwork: It is one of the main web portals for freelancers. It has a space to look for a job as a copywriter.
  • Eures: Through the Eures network you can also access job offers to work as a copywriter in different European countries. Also, you can get guidance from a Eures administrator.
  • Google Jobs: You just have to put in the famous search engine “work for copywriter” and the last opportunities will appear.

Other pages freelance jobs website They will be great options when looking for employment opportunities in this sector. You can also find jobs on portals for work as a blogger.

How much does a copywriter make?

Here we enter a very relative issue since there is no exact figure of what a copywriter can earn. The salary will depend on different factors; services you offer, time, experience … Everything influences.

There are different ways to charge; price per hour, price for full service, monthly payment … Everything will depend on what you have agreed with the client, project or how your services work.

Training to work as a copywriter

Training to work as a copywriter will be an advantage in front of other people who do not have this training.

If you like to write and want to work as a copywriter, you can do this copywriter course through which more than 300 students have passed and where they have been shown real success stories in record time.

You will learn everything about copywriting and how to make it your lifestyle, your job that allows you to work from home or from anywhere in the world. You will have all the keys step by step as well as practical exercises to have your first clients before finishing the course.

If you are interested, now you can access a free training to find out if this profession really interests you or it is not your thing.

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