María Becerra separated from Rusher King and Agustina Kogan is the one indicated as the third in discord

Last weekend a scandal broke out between Mary Becerra and her boyfriend, rusher king. It all started in Twitter, when the popular singer stopped following him and immediately published explosive messages. “Son of a thousand p… you just screwed up my self-esteem”, “How could you do this to the mine that was when you were nobody wacho”, “Gil de m… piece of garca”, were the strong phrases that he shared on that social network and that left his fans surprised. And, as if that were not enough, he also eliminated all the photos she had posted with him on her feed Instagram.

Then, it was she herself who confirmed the separation: “I am sorry that I acted impulsively from my pain. I want to clarify that @rusherkingg and I are no longer a couple, and that everything that needs to be resolved will be resolved in private. I appreciate your concern!” (SIC), wrote Becerra on Sunday morning, who until Friday night had appeared with his partner at the recital of Camilo. Hours later, it was the young man who gave his version of the events. “The truth to be clear, I was never unfaithful to María, What happened is that I met a girl when we were separated and when I came back I didn’t tell her and she found out now. This was made public by mistake and it is something that we must resolve in private, I thank you for your respect, ”wrote the singer.

In this context, the name of Augustine Kogan, an influencer who would be the person with whom Rusher would have cheated on Maria. Pointed out as the third in discord, the young woman decided to clarify the situation in her stories. “I make this release by this means because what is happening is tremendous and they are involving me. They are talking about something that was not now. Something that happened a long time ago and came to light now. The truth is that I met this guy at the time he was single”, he began explaining. And he detailed: “Two days after we met, I saw that he had returned with his partner. I was honestly shocked and decided not to have any more contact with him.”.

“This comes to light now due to the fact that suspicions arise… to which I am consulted about what happened and I tell the truth. Please stop insulting me, threatening me, for something you don’t know how it was. They do not have an idea of ​​the evil they cause with the barbarities they sayKogan closed.

The discharge of Agustina Kogan after being accused as the third in discord between María Becerra and Rusher King
The discharge of Agustina Kogan after being accused as the third in discord between María Becerra and Rusher King

In this sense, it was Stephanie Berardi, the panelist from very morning (City Magazine), who gave more details of what happened. “The third in discord is called Agus Kohan, is a tiktokera. María Becerra would have found messages on Rusher King’s cell phone and on Saturday at 10 in the morning there were shouts and arguments in the street in the neighborhood of Núñez”, he revealed. And he added: “It was his apartment, it is a very quiet area. So the neighbors went out to see what was happening and they found a girl who wanted to leave and he tried to hold her back. Becerra told him ‘let me go, let me go, I want to go, I read all the messages’. I spoke with a neighbor, who was not the only one who looked out, and they later went to the corner because they knew they were being watched.

The truth is that, as can be seen in his new profile of InstagramAugustine, who He is 19 years old and calls himself a “freelance model”, was hacked and had to create another account. There, he currently has almost 50 thousand followers and is dedicated to posting images of himself posing, to a greater extent, in underwear, but so far, he has not spoken again about the scandal that occurred.


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