With the whole year ahead on the horizon, it is time to write down a forecast on what the jobs with greater employment opportunities in 2022. Employability is directly related to needs that arise in society product of the circumstances: health crisis, progress on the digitization of the economy, sustainability and forms of consumption that require an increase in assets in sectors such as logistics, for example. What professional profiles will be most in demand in 2022? We selected three areas that will star in job offers for this year.

The challenge of competition for digital talent

Companies meet immersed in digital transformation processes that require specialist advice. professions related to development of specific software and maintenance of systems they have become the core IT teams in business, with ever-increasing headcount. But the digital revolution already affects all areas of business, from security to business strategy analysis. For this reason, professionals specialized in cybersecurity, data architecture, data analysts or specialists in cloud computing to implement the office in the cloud.

The great challenge for companies is in the difficulty in finding this kind of talent to incorporate into templates.

Dependency and health care will grow in 2022

Job offers addressed to college graduates in certain fields have experienced a considerable increase, as reflected in the latest Adecco Infoempleo Report. It is the case of those who seek professional profiles of health professionals with graduate studies. The offers for this group have increased between 2019 (15.12%) and 2020 (24.14%) by 9%.

The percentage of job offers for geriatric nurses it meant 0.18% in 2019. By 2020 this figure rose to 0.48%, it grew 2.6 times. Everything indicates that during 2022 the number of nurses for senior centers will continue to grow. Predictably, the demand for this profession and the jobs related to care and professional care it will increase in the coming years due to the aging of the population together with the increase in life expectancy.

Increased demand for professional profiles in e-commerce

The entire value chain associated with work in e-commerce with storage, distribution and logistics at the forefront together with the customer service positions they have experienced an increase since 2020. Both for middle managers, such as warehouse managers, and for employees. This trend is likely to continue thanks to the stabilization and development of online commerce. For example, the offers in which warehouse workers and carriers were sought went from accounting for 2.67% in 2019 to 3.45% in 2020.

The requirements for customer service technicians represented 1.49% of the announcements in 2019 and 2.18% in 2020. offers for telemarketers in charge of both the Customer Support as of after sales service doubled in the same period.

The top 5 of the soft skills

Also the competencies they are adapting to the novelties in terms of the type of work organization that marks innovation or the physiognomy of companies, where autonomous units work as a team for projects. For this reason, the teamwork is the softskill most demanded among the requirements to access a job.

Another trend is the horizontality in the structure of the company. This makes it easy for there to be a greater independence when making decisions about what to have resolution capacity in the face of problems, proactivity in the face of difficulties, it ranks second.

Productivity is law in companies. And this depends on designing a good planning that results in effectiveness, with which they are obtained optimal results in a short time. This would not be possible without a greased organization and planning skillssomething that is sought in more than half of job offers.

To close the ranking nothing more productive than a positive attitudeaccompanied by the resilience that will be essential in changing environments and times where it is essential be responsive. And anticipate problems or tackle them thanks to a proactivity of ten that allows us to face them when they are only glimpsed.

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