Being very good at something, standing out from the rest or having experience in the sector could help the company value your current situation and assign you a position of greater responsibility than you are. But what if you don’t want to accept it? how do you do to decline promotion offer? How would you do? How would you deal with it? We solve these doubts in this article that we have created for this type of situation.

Why don’t you want to take on more responsibility?

It is not a question that you have to answer, we are only going to give you the possible reasons that would imply take on more responsibility at work. In this society, having more responsibility means having more control and power, which is something that could be scary. Some of the questions you take on are:

  • Be responsible for the risks that may occur, in addition to the victories. Perhaps there is nothing to worry about the victories, but there is a reason to worry about the risks that can lead to guilt.
  • have to spend more time. Mind, of course. Since the responsibilities imply a greater handling of certain tools or better skills, which would make you waste time doing tasks to the detriment of others more relevant to the position.
  • Being held accountable for what you do. It does not mean that in the current position you do not have them, but whether you like it or not, what you do will have an impact on the company in which you are working.
  • Biggest headaches. The question is to do things well (if you already do it), but together with the other factors make you want to avoid assuming a position where you end up burned. This happens because of a bad organization or because of your negative thinking towards this belief, because perhaps it is not as you think, but in a totally different way.

How to avoid accepting a position of greater responsibility?

Now, if you are clear that you don’t want to have more responsibility at work in which you are, but you want to continue doing things as you do, follow the advice that we leave you below.

Do not stand out from others, but do things well

If you have been offered a higher position, it is because the staff has seen in you certain qualities that the rest lack or have not highlighted as much. This could be reason enough to stop standing out from the rest. It’s as easy as unnoticedbut being mature enough not to be a hypocrite or antisocial.

Do everything you are told, do things well, behave well, but find the sweet spot so that you are not found as the perfect person for a higher position. Would you know where it is?

Recognize your potential and assume the position you have

If you have potential it is because you have worked hard for it. A good way to assume your position is acknowledging that you are good at what you do: stay in what you do well and do not propose to ascend if you feel comfortable.

You already know that you do good things in this position, so you don’t know if you would work the same in another taking into account what you already know. Better stay there.

Turn it down, but with charm

If someone (like your boss or HR staff) suggested moving up to another position, how would you turn them down?

There is no right way decline promotionjust indicating all of the above: “that you do not want to take on more responsibilities, that you are currently happy and comfortable in the job you are in, and that you do not see yourself qualified to take on anything else”.

Remember be polite and not be disrespectful, since they are only offering you a new opportunity. Namely, turn it down with charm.

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