The profession of web developer is booming, more and more of you are turning to this profession and you are quite right: this profile is currently highly sought after in companies.

But to get the ideal job, you still need to have the right skills. The technical nature of web development requires varied knowledge in programming language and constant adaptation to their evolutions.

Thanks to an infographic produced by topformation, we will review the different tools and languages ​​used by the web developer. If you have mastered these, then you are on the right track …

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Why become a web developer?

There are so many professions, so why would you want to become a web developer?

Certainly because of the employment prospects which make it the n ° 1 profession in the digital sphere. This profession is highly sought after, as much in web companies as in SMEs or large groups looking to digitalize and differentiate themselves.

Did you know ?

In France, there are 10,000 to 40,000 developers missing.

Career development is also interesting.

After a Bac + 3, most web developers start as junior developers in the world of games and mobile. At this point the annual gross salary can go up to 31K.

But experience can lead you to the position of project manager, growth hacker or even lead developer. The salary therefore also increases, on average 49K (annual gross) after 8 years of experience.

All of this is attractive, isn’t it?

But let’s look at the well-being at work side. While good stress management is essential, it remains that 81% of web developers feel fulfilled. This satisfaction is notably due to flexible hours, job recognition, possible teleworking and job security.

And internationally?

IT has a universal language, it is not too difficult to find a job in another country, as long as you speak English of course.

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What are the skills to become a web developer?

From the start we have been talking about “web developer” but it is important to distinguish between:

  • Develop it front-end : it develops the elements that Internet users see on their screen
  • The back-end developer : it develops what Internet users do not see (a server, an application, a database, the payment method on an e-commerce site, etc.)

There are even full-stack developers who have mastered both the front and the back-end.

But let’s not mix everything up, at the beginning it is advisable to specialize in one of these two areas, and here is what you will need to know.

The skills of the front-end developer

If you want to become a front-end developer you must master these three languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

HTML is the language used to create web pages, it is the basis. Typically, anything you write in HTML is displayed on the web page.

The CSS will allow him to style these web pages to make them more aesthetic. It will manage their appearance by arranging the elements, applying colors, sizes to texts, etc.

JavaScript will make it possible to bring dynamism to a website. With this language it is possible to create calendars, alert messages in the form of pop-ups, etc.

To help the front-end developer to set up dynamic actions there are what are called JavaScript libraries. These are made up of reusable code instructions.

Front-end developer

The skills of the back-end developer

On the back-end developer side, the skills are more technical and the programming languages ​​more numerous. Here are the 6 main ones:

  • PHP : web-oriented, it allows you to create dynamic pages, send and receive cookies or manage access and encrypt data
  • Java : often used to develop online games and applications
  • The Python : also used to develop applications, but also software and allows to manage a server and a database
  • C ++ : allows you to create video games, computer and mobile applications
  • C # : allows you to develop multi-support applications
  • SQL : the reference language for creating and managing databases

The uses mentioned above are obviously very general, the idea being rather to give you an overview of the possibilities offered by the most used languages.

Also, not all companies and developers use these programming languages ​​because their choice depends on the elements to be implemented.

Finally, note that for reasons of cost, speed and profitability most front-end developers use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

If you want to know more about the programming languages ​​used in the back-end, I invite you to read the infographic located below.

See the full infographic:

Web developer infographic

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