How to take a professional photo for your CV?

Is a photo on a CV really useful? With the title of your CV, the photo is the gateway to your CV and carries with it the first impression of the recruiter.

To avoid missteps, a few rules must be respected regarding the type of photo to pin. Forget immediately what does not belong to the professional world : vacation photos, family photos, those that are cut out because you still look your best on this one or even the motley background.

The ideal CV photo must be professional above all and inspire confidence. You must reassure the recruiter about your ability to do the job offered.

How to pose for a CV photo?

To adopt the good break on a CV photowe advise you :

  • To stand face-on or slightly in profile. Other than supermodel jobs, don’t take a model break. Prefer the bust of ¾ face, the glance fixing a point on the right or on the left of the objective.
  • To properly frame the photo on your face.
  • To look pleasant. It is not forbidden to choose a photo where you smile. On the contrary.

In front of which background to pose to take your CV photo?

Before striking the pose, make sure theresume photo background be suitable.

We advise you to put yourself in front of a sober and plain background, with good light. To be sure not to make a mistake, the white background with a sober outfit is a safe bet.

How to dress for a CV photo?

The golden rule to follow before taking the photo that will be pinned on your resume: wear appropriate clothing. Of course, take care of your look, but don’t be stiff. The recruiter must have the feeling that you are breathing. So exit the too tight tie knots and skimpy suits.

How to dress for a CV photo? Gone are the photos of you on vacation, in a casual or cut-out outfit. The photo must be professional therefore dress like a candidate going to a job interview and ban the staged. Dark linen pants/white shirt for men (or wearing a suit if this is the rule in your profession); straight black trousers/white or colored blouse for women. In any case, your clothes must correspond to the codes of your profession.

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Should you hire a photographer to have an ideal CV photo in 2021?

It all depends on the job you are aiming for and your ability to produce a quality resume photo.

For a commercial or consultant position where contact with the customer is frequent and essential, why not hire a professional photographer. It will thus be correctly framed and well exposed.

For jobs less “in sight”, a photo home-made may suffice. However, scans of passport or vacation photos are to be banned. Import a real photo on your computer and do some small cropping.

What are the dimensions of the ideal CV photo?

What is the ideal size for your CV photo? Identity format is best. Neither too big nor too small. Prefer a rectangular format (6.5 cm x 4.5 cm).

The photo must not pixelate.

Should the CV photo be in color or black and white?

Color or black and white? There is no rule. The main thing is that you can be seen and recognized during the interview. It goes without saying, but it’s better to remember it twice than once… Say goodbye to the clichés taken when you were 15!

Can a photo be retouched on a CV?

Retouching is not cheating… provided it is recognizable. At least it shows a person who takes care of his appearance, it’s always better than the opposite. There are simply limits that should not be crossed.. So yes, you can erase a few wrinkles and other small pimples, but don’t make three kilos disappear all at once or ten years of age.

On the day of the meeting the recruiter will have the impression of having been deceived. Bad for the rest of the recruitment!

How to put a photo on your CV?

Yes the ideal photo of your CV makes it easier for the recruiter to memorize your application, because a face scores more than a font on a resume, it doesn’t need to take up half the page either. The idea for him is not to focus on your image, but to learn a little more about your background, your experiences, your interests or your soft skills.

Traditionally, the CV photo is inserted in the first block of your CV. The one relating to your identity. On the left of the document must appear your surname, first name, address and telephone. And on the same level, on the right of your CVyour picture.

Our advice : insert the photo properly on your word processing software and make sure that your formatting does not jump. To reduce the size of your photo, you can save it in JPEG format.

Examples of ideal CV photos

Two good examples of ideal CV photos

Two ideal CV photos because on a white background, the bust of ¾, and the smiling face.

Good example of an ideal woman photo for a CV

Two Bad Resume Photo Examples

A CV photo that is not ideal because the candidate is not smiling.

Bad male CV photo

A CV photo that is not ideal because the background is not neutral.

Bad male CV photo

Our advice Cadremploi : if you have taken special care with your CV photo and it is close to the ideal photo, do not reduce all your efforts to crumbs with a disastrous shot for your image on your social media profiles. Keep in mind that recruiters scour Google for more information about you. It would be a shame if they came across a picture of you tipsy in the evening. Do not hesitate to regularly clean up your image on the Internet.

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