Lhe workflow, or “workflow” for the official literal translation, says what it means. It is indeed a question of formalizing the treatments to be carried out, the path to be followed and the actors concerned to accomplish a specific work in a context of sequential execution.

Workflow definition

Workflow A workflow management tool is used to model and automate workflows in the company.

The workflow tool makes it possible, for example, to specify the document flow circuits by identifying the parties concerned, the actions to be carried out and the deadlines.

Workflow, literally “work flow”, is the representation in the form of a flow of operations to be carried out to accomplish all the tasks or activities grouped together in a single business process.

The workflow allows the modeling of business processes within the framework of BPM Business Process Management, a more global approach.

The variations

There are several types of Workflow depending on the context and the type of use. Let’s go over the main ones:

Administrative workflow

To better understand, an example of application in the tertiary sector with the administrative workflow.

The management of loan requests for a banking organization, claims processing files for an insurance company or the reimbursement of expense reports for any type of organization are examples of applications for workflow tools such as: administrative or tertiary.

For each of these cases mentioned above, the documents to be prepared follow a specific path comprising tasks of verification, investigation, information or approval. Computer workflow tools make it possible to define the path for each type of document, to control deadlines and to precisely monitor their execution. The workflow tool is flexible enough to make it possible to modify the predefined circuit during the journey in order to avoid any form of blockage.

Ad hoc workflow and procedural workflow

the ad hoc type workflow, unlike procedural workflow more locked, allows users to intervene dynamically on the path in order to deal with unforeseen events more effectively.

A good workflow tool also incorporates the notion of traceability. It is a question of keeping the precise memory of the treatment of a file or more generally of a product during the process of realization.

An already old rationalization

Workflow is not a recent concept. The idea of ​​automating workflows is as old as the generalization of business computing in the late 1970s. The concept has evolved since then, as have IT tools, standardization and modeling.
The workflow applied to the tertiary sector is a rationalization instrument quite similar to the already very old practices practiced in the industry.

For the record, the workflow in the tertiary sector is not a recent invention linked to the deployment of IT either. During the 1920s, many administrations used internal circuits of pneumatic tubes for the transport of documents …

Web resources

  • wfmc.org: the site of the Workflow Management Coalition, a group of actors from the world of Workflow and BPM.
  • ABOUT THE WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT FACILITY SPECIFICATION: the OMG (Object Management Group) site. This specification is based on the work of the WFMC (see link above) now available in the public domain.

Software package

  • bonitasoft.com: Bonita is an Open Source software product for the Workflow and BPM project.
  • Flow.microsoft: Microsoft’s Workflow solution with predefined templates.

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