Throughout the life of an entrepreneur, many situations will arise in which know how to do an elevator pitch It will make the difference to get more than one investor, client or collaborators for your project.

When we start a startup, an online business or a traditional one, it is not enough to introduce yourself saying who you are and the business ideas that you are carrying or are going to carry out.

If you want to make the most of the opportunity to publicize your business you have to know how to present a project in not much more than 20 seconds. And that is why if you know how to make a good personal elevator pitch, you will have the key to success face to face.

You have to keep in mind that it is about telling who you are and what you do in a fluid conversation that It can arise when you are introduced to someone or asked what you do. It does not consist of presenting a long speech with all the points of your business.

What is an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short presentation speech where you make yourself and your business known so that you awaken the interest and curiosity of your interlocutors. The purpose is that you get give a clear idea of ​​what you do while generating interest to get an investor, a potential client, a partner, a collaborator, etc.

Literally elevator pitch It means “elevator speech” or “elevator speech.” That is, doing an elevator pitch is a way to learn to present your project in a conversation in an elevator. You can also find it under the name of “Elevator speech”, a concept coined by Philip Crosby, a leading American businessman.

A conversation in an elevator you know will last very little. So the goal is to learn how to make a speech in 20 seconds (or something else but without going beyond 60 seconds) to present your project and thus generate interest and a good impression on your interlocutor or listener.

And it doesn’t have to be focused on getting an investor or selling something. It is also very useful in networking events to promote your project or even if you are unemployed, you can take advantage of it in job interviews.

I am not a guru or an expert in elevator pitch but just to make it clear to you once and for all what is an elevator pitch I leave you a video of Jordi Argente, president and founder of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco:

Here I leave you with the definition of an elevator pitch from Wikipedia in case you still have any questions.

First impressions are hard to erase So it better be a good impression, right?

That is why learning how to make a good elevator pitch It is so important.

How to do an elevator pitch

Well we already know what is an elevator pitch, why it is so important and in what situations we can use it.

However, explaining a project or introducing ourselves to causing interest in a minute is quite complicated. And even more so when your project is an online business where the options of making a good presentation are scarce.

So let’s move on to see how to make a good elevator pitch with tips that arouse that curiosity and a few examples.

Steps to prepare an elevator pitch for your online business

1. Answer the most common questions

Explain who are you, What is your job, what problems you solve and how do you do it are the first questions anyone would ask you. So make them clear in your elevator pitch if you want to start selling your business online.

I advise you to take a pen and paper and write each step as detailed as possible. Later it will be necessary to summarize it a lot.

At this point you have to leave fixed:

  • Your name and the name of your business.
  • Your profession or business activity.
  • What does your business do to solve a problem of your target audience.

2. Define your target audience

It may seem like a very easy step but you have to know how to do it.

You have to make it clear from the first moment who is it addressed to your project, your services or your products.

Not only should you define their age range or gender, but you should feel what is going through the head of your audience. You have to define as exactly as possible both the problem you are going to solve, and the interests of your target audience.

If you do not know who your target audience is or what problems your business needs to solve, it will be wrongly raised.

I give you an example:

Suppose we have set up an online business with a blog where we write about nutrition and sell courses and recipes for vegetarian food.

In this case, our target audience would be a young audience between 25 and 40 years old, for example, interested in improving their health, with little knowledge in cooking and who want to lead a healthy life. Who will surely also like animals, nature and exercise.

I think you follow me when I mean to define exactly your target audience, right?

3. Highlight what benefits your customers get

Once you have already exposed what do you do and who do you do it for. You have to draw attention by highlighting what they are going to achieve with you.

It is not worth meeting a need or saying that what you do solves their problem. You must go further and make it clear that they will achieve what they want: the benefits of solving your problem.

Continuing with the previous example, it is not enough to say that the best recipes to be chefs are vegetarian food. It should be noted that they will live healthier and more naturally.

Result of a good elevator pitch

Combining the three previous steps you should be clear your value proposition and what to say in an elevator pitch.

To give you an idea, this would be the result of the elevator pitch example that I have been commenting on:

“Hello, I’m Pepito and with helped to animal and nature lovers they don’t know how to cook to improve their nutrition and to make the best vegetarian dishes to lead a healthier and more natural life.«

Of course, this is just a short introduction in case they ask you what you do. But you can praise much more by working on it and focusing on the results obtained and the courses you have or what kind of services you offer.

If you have difficulties to make your elevator pitch I leave you a scheme with the colors of the example:

Name + action + target audiences + target audience problem + solution + Benefits.

[thrive_leads id=’1399′]

More Elevator Pitch Written Examples

Example 1:

«Hello, my name is Clara Gil and I am a consultant for pharmaceutical companies. My consultancy Consultame SA offers a unique and specialized model for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, applying a consultancy model focused on the development of new hyperspecialized drugs for the specific system affected by the disease. I would like you to join our project.»

Example 2:

“Have you ever thought why many restaurant websites fail to increase customers thanks to this one?

I’m Daniel, a photographer specialized in food dishes. I help restaurants that have problems attracting customers by making people salivate with the food I photograph. “

Example 3:

“Hello, my name is Juan Pérez, an expert in Digital Marketing and I am a freelance consultant specialized in attracting clients for entrepreneurs and SMEs with difficulties in reaching their first clients. I strive so that in the first 3 months they manage to increase their turnover by 30% thanks to the implementation of strategies devised by me. “

How to apply the elevator pitch in our online business?

We already have our first elevator pitch in which to work and with which to make our presentation at any networking event.

But how can we take advantage of it in our online business?

It depends on how we have worked our elevator pitch, the applications are many.

Focusing on online business you can take advantage of your elevator pitch to place it on your home page or on the «About me“Or”About»From your website.

You can also use it as Biography that will appear in the author boxes or as a description for the social networks.

Also, it is a good point to develop a motto or slogan.

There is no reason to focus only on the “online issue”

It is clear that knowing how to present your project on the internet is essential but there is a world beyond the online one.

So whenever you have the opportunity, it is worth taking advantage of these notions of develop an elevator pitch to include them in the most “offline” part of our project.

In this case, you can take advantage of what you have learned to use it in more traditional advertising formats such as printing brochures, posters or cards or even in lectures.

And so far today’s article, something different than what I usually bring but so useful as to be used in any online or offline event, or even on your website.

Now it’s your turn:

Did you know what is an elevator pitch? Have you used it in any conversation or on your website? Leave me a comment and share if you found it useful.

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