Understanding what graphic design is is essential to be able to take advantage of a crucial discipline in marketing and communication.

They say that an image is worth a thousand words and, in the case of marketing — which relies on graphic design — this has become more true than ever. Today, companies are increasingly taking care of aesthetics in their communications, so they need the services of specialists in graphic design. But you know What is graphic design and what makes it so important?

Graphic design is a discipline that is responsible for combining text and images in order to convey a visual message. It is used, above all, in marketing and corporate communication: in the design of web pages, in the packaging of a product, the design of a commercial billboards, etc.

In fact, a recent Hubspot study ensures that 49% of marketers consider the visual aspect to be essential for any business marketing strategy.

Likewise, in the case of consumers, it has been shown that, if users receive some information through visual content, they retain approximately 65% ​​of this information after three days. Conversely, if the content is not visual, the consumer barely remembers 10%.

The evolution of graphic design

The design of visual formats to transmit messages is a practice that has been associated with the world of advertising for decades. However, with the advent of the internet, it has developed to a great extent and has reached new levels of creativity.

Hence, nowadays, specialists no longer only use an image, but also rely on audiovisual media to achieve greater effectiveness. Visual communication has stopped being static to become something very dynamic. This has made graphic design a much broader discipline and increasingly important for companies.

Types of graphic design

There are many disciplines of graphic design. In fact, new fields are emerging in which this type of art can be put into practice. However, in this article, we will list some of its more classic modalities:

Editorial design

If two decades ago you had asked yourself what graphic design is, you would have found the best example in editorial design, since we could say that it is the design par excellence.

Editorial design is in charge of the set of compositions that give rise to attractive covers in books and magazines.

Advertising design

Another classic that, in this case, refers to visual design applied to the advertising sector. For decades, it has been used for creation of posters of all kinds and it is still as effective as it was in the beginning.

Tablet with graphic design

Design for the digital environment

It is the graphic design that has become popular in recent times. Design for the digital environment is closely linked to other disciplines, such as User Experience (UX), which contributes to the best possible user experience on a website or application. Another example is multimedia design, which consists of adapting creatives for new formats and media.

Brand design

It involves creating all the visual elements that will help consumers quickly identify a brand. For example, the design of logos.

Video game graphic design and motion graphics

Moving graphics is used in both advertising and video games. If you are interested in this specialty, at UNIR we offer the online Master in Videogames.

Career opportunities for a graphic designer

Graphic design is not only an exciting profession that allows you to work in different fields, but it is also a good way to ensure your employability.

Graphic designers usually enjoy a full-time contract. However, many designers prefer not to depend on anyone and work as freelance. This allows them to collaborate with companies from anywhere in the world, without having to leave home.

Graphic designer smiling in office

Visual communication of messages is necessary in many industries, be it for a practical purpose or for a more commercial purpose. This implies that a well-trained graphic designer could work in very different areas. Here are some options:

  • Web design
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Creative direction of projects in the media, cinema and theater
  • Design of packaging
  • Branding
  • Multimedia development

In case you want to become a graphic designer, at UNIR we put at your disposal the Degree in Graphic Design online, with which you can learn about the most innovative techniques. At the end of your studies, you will master the main strategies and tools to carry out work in a professional and structured way. In addition, you can specialize in Graphic Design or Multimedia Design and Videogames.

As to postgraduate, we offer you the Master in Digital Graphic Design and the Master in Video Game Design and Development. But if what you want is to specialize in creating digital and interactive products adapted to the formats that are most in demand today, then the most suitable for you is the Master in Multimedia Design and Production.

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