According to the Infoempleo-Adecco Report, the commercial and sales area is the second area that shows the greatest shortage of talent, only surpassed by technology, information technology and telecommunications. In light of the data provided by this document, the third most sought-after type of middle manager in job offers is that of account manager, one of the key pieces in sales. We tell you what their functions consist of and how to prepare yourself to dedicate yourself to a profession with a great future.

It is true that the Report also points out that the sales area has been one of the most affected by the pandemic. However, this situation is close to ending and, when the waters return to their normal course, the trend that began before this crisis will increase.

Main functions of the account manager

Before they were called commercials, now they are the account manager. The name change does not respond to a mere question of posture. The field of sales changes at a dizzying pace. It is increasingly complex to serve customers because greater knowledge is required and being very up to date with their needs. On the other hand, advances in ICT have generated new channels that you also have to know how to manage.

Now, the main functions of a account manager or account manager continue to be those of a commercial or sales agent:

  • Detect customer needs.
  • Carry out plans to meet customer expectations.
  • Work to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the number of account abandonments.
  • Generate new sales opportunities.

The information search It is a task intimately linked to the work of the account manager. They need to collect data on the companies that are among their customers, but also on those of the competition.

Likewise, it is very important detect who is responsible in companies for the contracting of services or supplies offered by the company where the employee works account manager. Once these responsible parties have been identified, contact and relations with them begin.

In case the agreements are already consolidated, the required feedback the client’s. This type of information is crucial to maintaining accounts.

From account manager to key account manager

Only one word is added, but this is key. The key account manager They are also account managers. And not from just any account, but from those that bring more benefits to the company the one you work for.

A account manager can take between 10 and 25 accounts. The number will vary depending on the annual amount of the contracts and the number of clients of the company. A key account manager maybe just take one or two accounts, but they are the ones that generate a much higher amount of profit than the rest of the clients.

The attention dedicated to this type of accounts is so specialized that often requires an entire sales team. The key account manager They will be in charge of leading this team. They will set the objectives, assign resources and supervise the projects that occur in the sales plan.

In addition, they constitute the visible face before the client and are the main responsible for that type of account is maintained in the company. For this reason, they must also interact with other departments, in order to be able to offer the client what they demand at all times and even make offers and negotiate prices and rates.

Training and skills of account manager

One of the main skills is more than clear: communication skills. The account manager they are the ambassadors of the external image of the companyThey cannot be clumsy when it comes to carrying out agreements and having other types of conversations. That is why courses on customer service, commercial communication or negotiation, among others, can be very helpful.

Any sales related training It is a plus over other types of profiles that do not present this accreditation. It implies that at least commercial techniques, customer behavior, sources from which information can be extracted and post-sale follow-up have been studied.

There’s also higher qualifications, such as master’s degrees and postgraduate degrees in sales, and careers from which one can access positions of greater responsibility, that is, those of key account manager. The most common are Business Administration and Management, Telecommunications or Economics.

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