With the proliferation of social networks, there is no company up to date that has not been raised to join them. Most of them are there, but to be there, you have to do it right and make sure you professionalize your management. And for this, there are the so-called community managers or marketing specialists in social networks.

What is a community manager?

It is a professional who is responsible for building and manage the online community that there is around a mark. Its objective is to create a community and make it more dynamic, in addition to interacting with customers and with any user who, for one reason or another, is interested in the company or in the brand.

In these times, many might think that managing a community of users on the Internet can be a piece of cake. After all, we all have a profile on social networks. As you can imagine, being a Community Manager means manage a brand and doing so, moreover, with the rigor of a qualified professional. You have to count yes or yes with great skills, and also, it is essential to train to learn how to create strategies, grow the community, manage crisis situations and, logically, know how to use certain tools that make daily work much easier.

What does a social media expert do?

A Community Manager must create, care for and dynamize the community of a company and for this reason, he has many tasks ahead of him throughout his day. One of the most important: create content, inform and entertain. And this is not usually done only in social networks, but generally, it is the professional himself who can also manage a corporate blog, which will help him nurture the company’s social networks.

Another task that a Community Manager must carry out is manage and create content. And for this there are tools that serve to identify the best time to publish that content, what type of publications and formats manage to connect better with the community to reach their target audience. To the monitoring of the publications made, the interaction with the community and the analysis of the performance of all this work, we must add another task that should never be overlooked: that of being warned and informed. If you want to be a Community Manager you have to be up to date with current events, trends, as well as all those dates that are vital for the sector in which the company is located and that, therefore, can become an opportunity to connect with the community. community.

What is a community manager

What skills should a Community Manager have?

Knowing how to use Facebook or Twitter is not enough to manage an online community. Just because you have thousands of followers on your social networks does not mean that you are already a qualified professional. Being a Community Manager, apart from training, requires a good number of skills. Your success will largely depend on these:

  • Empathy. Understanding and putting yourself in the place of others is a practical skill that comes in handy for life in general, but if you want to be a Community Manager you must sharpen it. If you understand, understand and know what your community needs, you will be able to provide it.
  • Attitude. Without attitude there are no good results. For me, a good Community Manager must be optimistic, innovative, open, constant, empathetic, humble and transparent. An infinite number of ideas must emerge from a Community Manager to help the company succeed.
  • Active listening. Without active listening there is no worthwhile management. This is one of the real keys to identifying the needs of the community, understanding its behavior, offering interesting content and, ultimately, setting the course in accordance with the changes and new trends in the sector.
  • Results measurement capacity. The measurement of results is a part of the work of the Community Manager that cannot be ignored. Being able to carry out the necessary measurements is useful to know if the work we are doing is having an effect or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to carry out a shift in the strategy.
  • Persuasion. It is the objective that any organization pursues with its message or its brand, so it is important that a Community Manager has the ability to influence the community to connect with their messages. To achieve this, you will need to unite several of your super powers and work your message conscientiously.
  • Communication. It’s your day job. A Community Manager spends the day communicating with others, so it is important that you have skills in this regard and know how to express yourself fluently, both through your texts, images or videos. At the same time, you must be skillful when it comes to responding and interacting with your community. And for this, a good dose of ingenuity and creativity never hurts.
  • Emotion. Emotion is life. And it is also passion for what you do. If you are able to get involved in the project and get excited about it, you will be prepared to pass it on to others.
  • Responsibility. For a Community Manager, social networks are not a way to pass the time. It is important that you know the objectives of the organization and have a good roadmap. That is why a high dose of responsibility is necessary to manage the day-to-day well and be able to analyze the results when it comes to taking stock.

Skills of a Social Media Marketing Specialist

What salary does a Community Manager have?

There are still many companies that do not value enough the profession of Community Manager. This means that some salaries offered do not fully correspond to the workload and responsibility that a good professional in the sector must assume. Fortunately there are companies that do offer good salaries for Community Manager and you can also find different projects to bring different communities such as freelancing. In this case, the rates are usually set by the professional, although it is also possible that, within reason, you should adapt to the budget set by the company to start with. Be careful, this does not mean that you should give away your work. Please remember how important it is to make your work count. With this you will value yourself and, far from losing opportunities, you will ensure that the projects that come to you are of higher quality.

Reviewing the Community Manager job offers published in InfoJobs, the average salary of Community Manager is between 18,000 and 25,000 euros gross per year.

How should a Community Manager be trained?

As in any other profession, a Community Manager must be well trained. It is not valid that ‘since I know how to use Facebook, I can already do it’. Not that way!

Consolidated the profession, in vocational training centers and universities there is a wide variety of courses related to Community Managementincluding postgraduate training, such as specialization in the areas of communication and online marketing.

Training in community management

The UOC, for example, offers a Community Manager postgraduate degree which can be taken online. You also have an official Master’s degree from the Complutense University of Madrid in Digital marketing. Social Media and Community Manager; the Digital Marketing Master from the UNED, Official Master’s Degree in Social Media at the School of Business and Management ENyD or face-to-face or online courses at Aula CM, School of Communication and Online Marketing. In addition, practically all universities and training centers, both face-to-face and online, offer additional training courses, which can help you a lot to strengthen your ability to generate strategies, measure results and use tools that facilitate your day to day managing a community. Take a look at the syllabuses, teachers and opinions, and choose the one you like best and fits what you’re looking for.

Another thing that will help you is have a good foundation of studies related to communication and marketing. If you are also in charge of managing the community of a very specialized organization (it can be, for example, one that is related to health or science), it will not hurt that you have the most specific knowledge possible on the subject. For this, you will surely need extra training and, needless to say, an exhaustive knowledge about the sector, the characteristics and the mission of the company.

Also, I recommend reinforce your training to keep you updated with some interesting reading. For example, The Community Manager Encyclopedia” by Manuel Moreno, an updated manual for professionals, which will help you learn new techniques, trends and strategies for your day to day as a Community Manager.

The best Community Manager in Spain

We have already seen that being a Community Manager is an exciting adventure and to prove it here you can see in this video the best Community Managers in Spain who manage to make the brands where they work shine and succeed. I recommend you follow them because you will learn a lot from them and them.

Tools for Community Manager

The life of a Community Manager can be very busy. Some people manage a single social network, others manage all the social networks of the company and there are others who have different clients in their portfolio, so they manage many social networks. That is why it is important to have useful tools to optimize your time on social networks.

Here are 10 tools to boost Twitter

If you want to see tips and more tools for Community Manager, I invite you to visit my Youtube.com/NiltonNavarro channel.

Here I leave you the Community Manager job offers that are in InfoJobs

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