Business process definition

Definition of a process

L’ISO 9000: 2000 thus defines the process
“A set of interrelated or interactive activities that transforms inputs into outputs”.

This definition is actually quite incomplete. Let us go back to the general definition proposed by Le Petit Robert:
“A process is a set of phenomena conceived as active and organized in time”.

Key process definition

This second definition dates from 1865 and I don’t think the authors already considered the needs of BPM. However, it specifies three essential notions: set of active phenomena, organized and expressed in a temporal dimension.
All that is missing from the dictionary definition is the notions of finality and measurement to become usable in the 21st century.
Let’s complete it

Set of activities organized over time producing a precise and measurable result.
It should be noted that entries and exits are clearly identifiable (source: The new managers’ dashboards).

Typical process

A typical example of a process

An example of a process explained throughout the online training.
The process offers a business-oriented transversal vision of the company and no longer vertical and function-oriented. The transversal vision is neither more nor less that of the customer. It is by adopting this type of representation, dynamic and no longer static, that it will be possible to perceive and therefore improve customer-oriented cycles.

Definition of an activity

Identifiable process tasks with clearly defined inputs and outputs and whose added value is measurable.

An example of representation of an activity, I = Input O = Output V + = Added value

Definition Critical process

Critical process
A process (or activity) is said to be critical when it is directly concerned by the planned improvement. Its progress and its intrinsic performance condition the achievement of the aims of the improvement project considered.

A second mode of graphic representation

A second type of graphic representation

Note: There are no critical processes or activities by definition.

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