Discover, once and for all, what a brief is and why you should start including it in all your projects

It is one of the most repeated concepts in the creative world and, although most are aware of how essential it is in the relationship between a client and the professional who is going to work on the project they have been commissioned, there are many who still do not they know exactly what it is, what it is for and why it is so important to start a project with a good brief.

If you belong to the second group this interests you:

What is a brief?

A brief is the starting point of a project; an informative document that contains the most relevant and important information of a project and that serves as a starting point to establish an effective communication between the client and the professional. It is a tool for dialogue with the client that allows the successful start and completion of a project and that marks the work path for both parties so that time, talent and money are not wasted.

It is normally associated with communication, advertising, design projects… but the truth is that a brief is and should be used for all kinds of projects, since it collects the greatest amount of information necessary for the team that is going to create, advise or develop it can understand and have a real context of the company and all this information must be in writing.

The brief of a project contains all the ideas and the projection that the client has made about it, therefore, it is essential for the professional to know and materialize solutions taking into account the vision of the person who hires him. They are the ideals, needs and objectives that the client hopes to achieve.

What is a brief for?

The brief is the essence of the project. It helps the client’s ideas, objectives and vision regarding a project to be clear. Mainly, this part of the creative process serves to clarify all doubts about a project and to clarify that what the client thinks is what the professional understands; and it is that both must be in the same tune to achieve successful objectives.

Why is it important to have a brief?

It is vital and essential to work with this document in any type of project that you are going to carry out because the lack of information is much more likely to end in an unsuccessful project.

In addition, it is important to let the professional in charge of the project know the DNA of the company, its business model and establish the weak points and the strong points of the project: where the client is clear that he does not want to go and what are the decisions that know should take to succeed. Making these strong and weak points clear will help the professional to generate better ideas and better solutions to the client’s problems, as Daniel Yepes Giraldo, founder of the Colombian branding agency, recalls. MUMU, The Branding Love: “Lack of inspiration is just lack of information–.

Establishing the target audience that should be impacted with this project is also essential, since it focuses on who the professional who has to propose solutions to the problems raised by the client should address.

Daniel Yepes Giraldo, founder of the agency MUMU, The Branding Love In the course The brief: techniques and tools for its creation teaches you everything you need to understand, create and use the brief and the contrabrief as tools to understand the needs of your clients.

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