Orientation towards results is a competency that is indicated as a requirement in many job offers. Especially in positions that carry responsibility and involve the coordination of tasks or teams. Despite being well known, this denomination is somewhat abstract and can be confusing. What exactly do they mean when they ask for results orientation and how is this competence developed?

Defining Results Orientation

What you are thinking surely is quite close to the correct definition of this expression. Results orientation or, better, toward the results refer to that the performance of the tasks are in accordance with a certain objective. This requires a broad overview and detailed knowledge of the processes that lead to a certain goal. All decisions made in the development phase must be aimed at achieving that goal.

this quality is in demand because it increases success stories. And this is known because measurements have been carried out. In other words, when a project is launched in which work has been oriented towards results, one of the steps will be to analyze what has been achieved in each phase. This helps determine the total computation of resources and time that has been consumed. If you have worked with this orientation in mind, the efficiency will be much higher.

On the other hand, results orientation is the ability of those who are not satisfied with just performing the job correctly, but want to go further, seek excellence. For this reason it is a competition closely related to quality. But this often cannot be carried out individually, since the coordination of several factors is required. Therefore, it is very important to develop this ability to also have teamwork.

How to put results orientation into practice

The vision of a person who works oriented to results is that of those who have a strategic mentality. The process is the same. A multitude of experts have defined different ways of putting this competence into practice and there are specific methodologies that attend more to some aspects than to others. For example, targeting customers will not be the same as targeting excellence. Sometimes they may converge, but if they don’t, different methodologies need to be applied. Even so, all of them entail the following phases:

  • Define the goal. This will be the guide that determines the entire set of actions. It is convenient to reduce it to a phrase to be able to refer to it mentally on each occasion. But it is also necessary to develop it to specify details that must be taken into account.
  • Make a process map. It is about defining the different phases that the project will go through and what resources are available to carry out each one of them.
  • Schedule and assign resources. A certain time will be established for the completion of each phase. On the other hand, with respect to the human and material resources that are required, it will be seen where they are allocated, which ones are available and what power one has to obtain the ones that are missing.
  • Prioritize tasks. Tasks need to be ranked based on their priority and importance. Which ones are accessory and can wait and which ones are key and will always have to be attended to urgently.
  • Analyze when each phase ends and readjust. For this, it is necessary to define some measurement indicators. A recapitulation is carried out at the end of each phase and the strategy is adjusted according to the needs. The speed in the ability to react and adapt will be essential. In addition, it will be seen if the allocation of resources invested and objectives achieved is appropriate. Finally, the obstacles that have been interposed and what have been the drivers that allow reaching the culmination of each phase are analyzed.
  • Apply the conclusions and persevere. Everything that has been concluded from the analysis is taken into account to move on to the next phase or, if the end of the project has been reached, for future objectives. At other times, if risks must be taken, it will be done in a calculated way. Perseverance throughout the process must be a constant.

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