Are you an employee in partial activity? Are you a company and you have employees in partial activity? You can take advantage of this time of forced inactivity to carry out or offer a skills assessment or VAE support which will be covered 100% by DIRECCTE or your OPCO.

Indeed, the FNE-Training system has been temporarily strengthened to help companies prepare for the post-crisis period.

You are not in partial employment, Your company has not had recourse to partial unemployment, you can benefit from this temporary device subject to filing a request before May 31, 2020.

The skills assessment Where VAE support which will be supported by the FNE Formation will continue even if the company resumes normal activity.

Why a skills assessment? It should allow you to take stock of your career, to identify your skills capital, to study your possibilities for internal (or external) mobility or to re-mobilize yourself in the current position.

What interest for the company?
The skills assessment of your employees should allow you to have motivated employees who, thanks to the introspection work carried out during the assessment, know how to better manage their career plan, know their strengths and their areas for improvement in relation to the position occupied and / or targeted.

It should also allow you to better identify the training needs of your employees and to decide on a adapted training plan, to identify the different “potentials” that can be mobilized and to help you in the Planning Management of your jobs and skills.

Why a VAE support? It should allow you to boost your professional career, increase your employability, and allow you professional mobility through the recognition of your prior learning.

What interest for the company?
For the company, it is a gain in terms of image, professionalization and loyalty of its employees. The VAE system must allow you to raise and recognize the level of qualifications of your employees. The VAE allows you to support the professional development of your employees, but it is also a way of re-motivating them.

Our team, made up of multidisciplinary professionalss (work psychologist, coach, consultant trainers, VAE support or business creation), offers you to provide skills assessments or VAE support. Our ICERT -FAC quality label guarantees our procedures and our professionalism.

Interviews will be done “remotely” for all or part of the duration of the skills assessment or VAE support, depending on the evolution of health instructions.

Don’t delay, contact us for more information:

04 42 52 30 09 Where 06 77 06 29 59.

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