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New version of January 1, 2022

The head of our Questions-Answers section, Alain Tissier, regularly reviews the questions asked over the years that remain unanswered., or with reply (s) not suitable for immediate publication. We re-submit them to the sagacity of our readers by allowing us to refresh their memory. You can therefore download a summary of these questions (Qsansreponse010122.pdf file), remembering that the answers can be sent, (handwritten or typed) to the address indicated in this summary file.

Good luck to all.

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A magazine, a website!


Founded in October 1890 by Henry Vuibert, the RMS, formerly the Special Mathematics Review, is a quarterly review published by Rue des écoles. Written by associate professors, teachers of scientific preparatory classes, the RMS publishes the statements and corrected of the main examinations – written and oral – of the grandes écoles scientists and of higher education (CAPES, Aggregations), as well as articles and notes from courses dealing with issues related to undergraduate and graduate teaching.


Complementary to the journal, the website offers three types of access to RMS content:

  • free access: a short selection of articles, problems and exercises as well as practical information on the competitions (competition calendar).
  • for archive subscribers: full access to RMS archives, additions and services.
  • for magazine subscribers: free access to RMS issues included in their subscription, new additions, practical information on competitions.

Access to documents is made either directly from the summary of an issue, or using a multi-criteria search engine.


Editor-in-chief Denis monasse

Copyeditor Romain Krust

Drafting committee Guy Alarcon, Richard Antetomaso, Arnaud Basson, Yves Duval, Rafik Imekraz, Bernard Randé, Clément de Seguins Pazzis, Franck Taïeb, Alain Tissier, Emmanuelle Tosel, Nicolas Tosel

Website Romain Krust and Denis Monasse

Publication Director Philippe sylvestre

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