All the keys to understanding the profession: Web Developer #Web Developer.

the Web developer is responsible for the development of web platforms and responds to the needs of a client expressed in specifications. He can work within an ESN (Digital Service Company, formerly SSII), a web agency, with a client or as a freelance.

Objectives of the Web Developer

He defines and implements technical solutions by programming lines of code.
Requiring a good mastery of programming languages, he will have to keep a watch on their evolution. Therefore, it will be necessary to always stay informed on these subjects to remain competitive.

Aware of web trends, the Web Developer must program the site taking into account certain constraints such as, for example, the SEO referencing where the responsive design. Thus, he must be made aware of the rules to be observed in order not to penalize the positioning of the future website on search engines, in particular on display management, redirects, respect for the recommended density of keywords. as well as on the future visual aspect of the site which will have to be adapted to the various peripherals (computers, mobiles and tablets).

Once the website is ready, the Web Developer will set up tests relating to the launch and operation of the platform, following these tests, he will then have to manage the various bugs and errors that appeared during creation. Also called acceptance test, the acceptance phase will allow him to establish the points on which the specifications are respected or not.
Finally, the Developer will ensure the maintenance of the website by paying particular attention to new functionalities by ensuring updates.

Who does the Web Developer interact with?

The solutions are provided to him by the Web Project Manager in technical specifications, however, he may need to adapt technical solutions already existing in the company or to work with a team of Developers depending on the size and importance of the project. to which he is assigned so as to collaborate in certain cases with Mobile Developers, Front End …

In summary, the role of the Web Developer is to ensure the technical development of a platform adapted to the needs of his client and the follow-up once it is ready for use.

Missions of the Web Developer

  • Production of lines of code as part of the programming of the web platform,
  • Management and adaptation of technical solutions during the development of website functionalities,
  • Creation of documentation on applications for subsequent developments as well as on production,
  • Respect of current practices to optimize SEO referencing or responsive design …,
  • Implementation of tests following the launch and operation of the site,
  • Participation in the design of tools and methods specific to the Web technical environment,
  • Management of website maintenance,
  • Correction of use or ergonomics problems reported by the customer.
  • Provide training for the use of the site and in particular the publication of new content (texts, media, etc.).

Developer Profile

To start a career as a Web Developer, you must have followed a training course ranging from Bac +3 to Bac +5. In addition, it is necessary to have carried out at least a first significant experience in internship or work-study program.

Developer skills

  • Programming languages ​​(HTML5, CSS +, PHP7, Javascript, Nodejs, Scala, Symfony, React …),
  • Mastery of the tools required for programming: CMS (Content Management System), code editors, etc.
  • Knowledge of server architecture (microservices, SOA, etc.),
  • Continuous training and digital watch on new code practices.

Qualities of the Web Developer

  • Listen,
  • Rigor and organization,
  • Anticipation of risks.

Web Developer Salary

The salary received by a Junior Web Developer is around 24K € / year. Then his income will be closely linked to his experience. A Senior Developer will subsequently achieve a remuneration of up to 45K € / year. This figure may change depending on the rarity of languages ​​mastered.

Career development of the Web Developer

The Senior Web Developer may decide to move towards a Web Architect position to benefit from more responsibilities. Indeed, he supervises the technical part of the project upstream by choosing the future technical solutions to be used and brings his help to solve possible technical problems.
In addition, it is also possible to become a Lead Developer following a career as a Developer. This career development is oriented towards the assistance and supervision of the technical teams in charge of a project in order to bring an experienced eye on given problems or technologies.

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