You are about create a model for your web or mobile application and you want to format all your Sketch, Photoshop or other files in order to obtain a rendering and thus be able to test the UX?

You are in the right place.

We have tested many software for you prototyping and we deliver our ranking of the most practical applications on Windows and Mac.

The new kid, an open-source software, developed by Facebook.

Besides its young and dynamic appearance Origami Studio has a major asset, it’s free. It allows to create prototypes of mobile applications.

You can even test on your iOS smartphone using the Origami app.

Origami Studio works with Quartz Composer, so it’s only available on mac.

graphic interface for prototype graphic designer

Flinto is also a very modern prototype software.

It is divided into two products, on the one hand Flinto Lite which allows you to make prototypes directly online and view them on your mobile thanks to a web app. A simplified solution that will delight graphic designers who want to save time.

Flinto also edited “Flinto For Mac”, a more in-depth version with also the possibility of viewing its prototype on a smartphone thanks to a dedicated app. Needless to say that it is also only available on mac.

Good to know

You still have to count $99 for the software and 20% per month for the online version.

Both versions have two offers of 15 and 30 days.

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prototype proto model web interface for graphic designer

Even if its use is mainly dedicated to the prototyping for mobile app, also makes it suitable for website prototyping.

We were seduced by its simplicity and the quality of the interactions offered. Like many of its competitors, it has its dedicated application for smartphone demonstrations.

Its extensive offer ranging from $24 to $160 allows all profiles to find something for themselves (the price difference varies according to the number of projects and collaborators).

principle for Mac application prototyping

Another software available only on mac, it also has its iPhone viewing app.

Principle plays on the notion of simplicity and speed even making the promise to produce a prototype in 5 minutes flat.

For the 5 minutes remains to be seen but it is true that this software will make you win time. In terms of price, it is on a par with Flinto For Mac with a 15-day free trial and then $99.

framer studio prototype for graphic designer UX designer

Decidedly the followers of Windows will be disappointed since here is still a very practical software but available only on Mac OS.

In addition to the qualities of the 4 applications mentioned above, Framer Studio allows the direct integration of your documents in Sketch format.

You also keep your layers for the creation of the prototype. Framer Studio is therefore placed in a more “professional” niche intended for larger projects.

It is sold for $129 and offers a 15-day trial version.

marvel interface

With this application it is now easy to create an animated prototype.

Import your images, select interactions, and your design comes to life! You can obviously connect it with many tools like Sketch, Google Drive and Dropbox.

For the price, you have the possibility to start for free with a project, then it’s from $12/month.

adobe XD prototype

Very popular with its ergonomic interface and powerful features, Adobe XD also allows you to prototype and create interactions.

He is also very easy to share your creations with your colleagues or clients.

Belonging to the Adobe suite, the integration of software such as Photoshop or After Effects is done naturally. Well seen !

hotgloo protoyping

Hot Gloo is a online tool of UX prototyping designed to create wireframes of mobile and desktop applications. But not only !

HotGloo helps visualize planning, building and testing processes user interactions very easily.

With this tool, it is possible to share fully interactive prototypes with your team and clients. Tutorials and documentation are also available online to help you.

7 days are offered to discover the product, then subscriptions start at $12/month.

invision prototype for graphic designer web model

Invision presents itself as a complete tool for managing UX designer projects. It is used by designers to create intuitive interfaces : each static screen is thus transformed into a clickable and interactive prototype.

The good idea

Its most interesting asset: it facilitates trades with customers directly on the interface!

This data is then transferred to the integrators to facilitate the reproduction of the design.

It is possible to couple it to many applications such as Sketch, Slack, Confluence, Trello…

Axure prototype

Axure is considered a reference in the world of UX Design. In addition to its very refined interface, it allows you to create complex interactions without the need for web development.

Rather agile on mobile applications, it allows the integration of graphic elements from Photoshop or Sketch with plugins. How to improve productivity!

It is available on PC and Mac, starting at $29.

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