The objectives of wage portage

New forms of work are emerging today in the face of changes in the professional world. Choosing between salaried employment and entrepreneurship is no longer the only alternative for professionals. Working differently and benefiting from employee benefits while enjoying independence? This is what can offer wage portage.

The objectives for the business creator

The first profile concerned by the advantages of wage portage is the business creator. A project in mind, a business idea? Wage portage can be the solution to test a professional project without taking too many risks. The advantages for the project leader are numerous:

  • To be able to test the market.
  • Benefit from a better financial guarantee.
  • Se build a network, an address book.
  • Not having to deal with administrative management.

As a supported employee, the project leader will be able to start canvassing his clients and carrying out missions which will allow him to train for the future: he will be able to acquire skills that will be essential to him when he passes the course of business creation. He will also be able to concentrate only on the heart of his profession, because it is the portage company that employs him which will be responsible for invoicing his customers, paying the various social charges, etc.

The objectives for the self-employed

Self-employed with complete independence? Many dream of it, but few opt for this adventure which certainly offers total professional autonomy, but also leaves certain social advantages aside. The legal status of the micro-entrepreneur allows professionals to start their own business, but they will not benefit from the same guarantees as an employee.

Wage portage can therefore be a reassuring solution for executives wishing to reconcile independence and social benefits. Indeed, as an employee of the umbrella company, the independent consultant benefits from the general system. Like a traditional employee, he will therefore be able to benefit from paid vacation, sick leave, pension contribution or unemployment insurance.

Objectives for the retiree

Retired, but still keen to meet new goals? Still thirsty for professional adventures? Wage portage will make it possible to accumulate both the retirement pension and the income received by the activity of supported consultant.

Pre-retirees and retirees are highly valued profiles for umbrella companies since they benefit from a great deal of expertise and solid experience. As for the employee, in addition to power accumulate several cash receipts, he will be able to end his career with more flexibility by choosing his missions and the prices he wishes to display.

The objectives for the young graduate

Difficult to find a place in the job market when you have just left school and your CV is a little light when it comes to professional experiences. Wage portage can therefore be a very interesting opportunity for young graduates. By working flexibly, they will be able to build a more solid experience, but also meet players in the field in which they operate: something to find possible future employers !

Wage portage will act as a safety net to start working life without having to manage the various formalities.

Objectives for the job seeker

This is a considerable advantage of wage portage: the possibility of combine unemployment benefits with a salary. Thus, a job seeker can opt for wage portage in order to reorient himself professionally while retaining his Pôle Emploi rights.

The accumulation of unemployment compensation called Return to Employment Assistance (ARE) with the salary received is calculated as follows: 70% of the salary received is subtracted from the initial amount of the ARE.

This possibility allows job seekers to build up an additional salary: a significant plus!

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