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The vocational guidance techniques are really useful for people to recognize for themselves what their preferences are and what is your vocation within the professional field. They are so relevant that they must be applied from the earliest ages in schools, until students reach an appropriate age to begin specialize academically and professionally. there are so many dynamics of vocational guidance for young peoplesuch as education curricula applied in study centers.

In this sense, and for many years, in schools and institutes, students receive encouragement and advice about the different professional options. Next, we will explain and analyze each of these orientation dynamics, although there could certainly be many more. Each center, each teacher or each vocational guidance expert you may develop your own techniques and have your own resources.

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Educational resources for vocational guidance

Although it may seem incredible, this orientation that we are talking about can already take place during the first years, that is, in primary school. What child has not played professions in class? It is at these times that they begin to form an idea of ​​what each type of job entails, and possibly some of them already make the decision, unconsciously, to guide their professional career towards a certain path.

But, without a doubt, it is during the years of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate where this aspect of student life is most affected. It is not strange that, especially from the age of 14 or 15, young people undergo a professional and academic orientation test, with the aim of making them reflect. In addition, the results of these tests are evaluated by the orientation experts of each educational center, to detect possible doubts, conflicts or any type of problem that makes a student require advice.

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Vocational guidance activities

Another very interesting dynamic beyond the professional orientation test is known as ‘interview who you admire‘. It consists of asking students to interview a person from their environment (friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc.) whom they admire for their professional career. They themselves will have to choose the person in question and investigate their profession, thus realizing what they really want to achieve in their future professional career.

Do not forget at this stage to place special emphasis and remind students that the Training Profession It is an option just as valid as the university when choosing studies. Perhaps, because of their environment or because of the more widespread opinion, they think that if they want to continue their studies, they should do so at the university. And this is an error that corresponds to the career guidance specialists solve.

When students already pass ESO, they get even closer to the crucial moment of having to make one or several decisions. That is why they occur even more frequently personal interviews between students and counselors, as well as carrying out more specific tests whose results are analyzed and discussed with the experts. Transfer to the students the conclusions that are drawn from these tests, as well as the appropriate advice regarding the training they should receive or whether or not it is convenient to follow a certain path, depending on the skills and capabilitiesis of the utmost importance.

And, finally, already in Baccalaureate (between 16 and 18 years old), the students receive in the center the visit the different universities in your area of ​​residenceand it is also possible that informative talks will be organized and testimonials will be presented by current or former students of the universities who tell their case and advise the students.

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