Vincent Mauchamp: I have a general education, after a business school, I obtained an MBA in International Affairs. My thing is travel, I’ve always been attracted to that. So when I started looking for work, I found it in the airline industry.

At the time, I was hired at Air Littoral, a company that no longer exists today, as a sales representative in the Rhône-Alpes region and Switzerland. I worked there, I was confronted with corporate clients: companies, tour operators, group operators…

Then I joined United Airlines, as a budget analyst. The times were prosperous, someone was needed to bring order and curb the ardor of salespeople.

I grew up quite a bit in this company. I then took care of sales development. A very interesting post. I was looking for new products with added value. We were the first company to launch the handset TGV/Air with SNCF. I worked on this long-term project, on the technical and legal phases, etc. It was great!

Then, I moved on to a pricing manager position. United Airlines may be number 1 or 2 worldwide, in France, the structure is small. I worked on the pricing strategy, but also on strategic partnerships. I am thinking in particular of the joint venture in 2000 with Air Canada and the Lufthansa group. It was necessary to negotiate constantly with these two groups to be aligned at the price level and the product that we offered to customers.

For quite a while, I was in charge of the Helpdesk, or corporate customer relations. Handle all the calls, each time they can’t find a rate, can’t get it, there’s a complaint…

Covid has been there. In 2021, United Airlines, like many companies, cleaned up. Half of the sales department has been laid off, I left in January 2021.

Otherwise, I have been a volunteer for 12 years at Aviation Sans Frontières, transporting sick children in emergency care from underprivileged countries.

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