From mobile phones to home appliances to future self-driving cars, technology everywhere today is based on programming. Nothing is impossible, but where to start? Provided that we have a little taste for problem solving and some rudiments of arithmetic, we can then get started!

From our mobile phones to our home appliances, the technology we use every day is built on code. These days, anything seems possible with the right code – from cryptocurrency to driverless cars! Reading in different programming languages ​​is a coveted ability, but where to start? As with everything, it’s important to get into it for the right reasons.
The TUMO learning program is made up of Self-study, Labs and Masterlabs activities. The 3 levels are given in the form of Labs.

Level I
During this first level of Lab, students develop their analytical thinking and learn to read and create small programs, up to coding their own game. Variables, data types, operators, functions… all the basics of the Javascript language are experienced through numerous exercises allowing students to acquire the keys to this new language step by step.

Level II
Students continue their learning of Javascript and use the P5 graphics library to solve complex graphic exercises. They also learn the scope of variables, matrices and object-oriented programming, with the aim of creating their own “game of life” using all the notions previously covered in the two Labs.


Level III
With this workshop, TUMOiens develop their programming skills. Students learn the concept of inheritance in object-oriented art programming and apply it in their work. By working on a server, students become familiar with node.js and practice various modules such as express and They also learn to use GitHub and to create programs using a terminal, accessible on the servers.
Students learn to make their own artistic creations through programming and coding. Here, after discovering the world of computer programming and art, the students were able to integrate the two fields to create a surprising and innovative final piece.
Animations made by students from TUMO Yerevan (Armenia), with the help of Haig Armen, professor of design and dynamic media, as part of a masterlab.

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