And we don’t even add more, it’s really as powerful as that (when it’s used well, of course).

35 million French people use Facebook every day… so we want to hear nobody tell us “I’m not sure that Facebook works for me” or “I don’t like Facebook” (I don’t like it either but my customers are on it so I use it).

So the question is not “should I do facebook ads?” but rather “HOW should I do them?”

Because the concern is that when you arrive on Facebook’s advertising interface, you wonder if it wouldn’t be better to learn a dead language than to immerse yourself in it. And that’s where we come in!

Our goal is to make you people who can understand how to manage your campaigns, the algorithm and all the information that is made available to you at a glance.

This week, we’ll explain our unique method and a simple way to understand how these ads work.

We’re also going to talk about the dark side of Facebook’s algorithm and how to use it wisely to find customers where no one is looking.

It’s incredibly simple and after that, you can’t be stopped.

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