Design, sell and host tourist stays: this is the objective of tourism professionals. With 1 million employees, this sector is very dynamic and has undergone profound changes linked to the Internet. New professions have thus emerged around travel and leisure.

Welcoming the millions of foreign tourists who arrive in France every day, or organizing French stays abroad: this is the mission of professionals in the tourism. The world’s largest industry and one of the first in France, this sector generates a turnover of 160 billion euros.

It directly employs over one million people and creates 20,000 new jobs every year. If half of these positions concern the hotel and catering industry, there are also 35,000 employees working for tour operators and travel agencies, and 42,000 for the fields of culture, sports and leisure.

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The tourism sector: selling dreams

The tourism sector has undergone profound changes in recent years with the Internet: e-tourism represents around 60% of the overall e-commerce business volume in 2015. Tour operators mostly recruit profiles linked to e-commerce or e-marketing. In travel agencies, too, needs and professions have evolved: counter agents previously responsible for entering reservation data have become real sales advisers responsible for promoting and marketing stays. No wonder that the sales and consulting professions account for 80% of recruitments in the sector. In the public too, the professions of territorial promotion continue to develop and call on qualified profiles, knowing how to ensure the publicity of a territory or a region to national and foreign tourists.

New outlets for tourism

Green tourism, adventure travel, thematic stays around wine or cinema: today, tourists do not hesitate to decline their tastes and their travel lifestyles and want tailor-made. An evolution which gives pride of place to the marketing professions as product manager or package operator, and which are all opportunities to be seized for young graduates. In addition, the arrival of a new international clientele, notably Russian and Asian, obliges professionals to adapt to their requirements and their cultural characteristics. Finally, business travel offers significant opportunities, with a turnover of 28 billion euros forecast for 2017 and the organization of thousands of fairs, exhibitions and conferences every year throughout France.

For more information on typical jobs, we invite you to consult the tourism and hotel industry reference guides, in addition to the many job descriptions that we offer in this section.

List of tourism professions

To sell :



Inform :

You can also consult the sections devoted to the hotel and catering industry, luxury goods, culture, sport and the Internet.

Tourism trades: how to train?

The trade jobs generally recruit from bac + 2, those of marketing to bac +3 or +5. As for the hospitality or animation professions, they can be considered from the baccalaureate level.

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Guide to tourism, hotel and catering trades

Do you dream of grand palaces, guided tours in museums and starred chefs? Look no further, the tourism and hotel and catering trades are made for you. However, it is a very large sector, bringing together a great diversity of trades. There are also many courses leading to it, ranging from CAP to bac +5. It took a complete book devoted to this sector to get around it. On the menu, a complete panorama of trades and training related to tourism, catering and hospitality. Like a directory, good addresses and useful contacts will guide you in your steps and registrations. Finally, because you do not choose a school on paper, many testimonials and advice from professionals are all assets to guide you towards the right course.

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