The Sims 4: Interior Design introduces the profession of interior designer or interior designer to unite two passions: the architecture of solar sims and the decoration of homes. In this complete guide we will explain everything you need to know about the interior design profession in The Sims 4: tips for clients, reputation, performance and much more.

Interior designer in The Sims 4: an expert in decorating lots

Interior designer is an “active job” in The Sims 4 (like the ones that were added in the expansions To work! and Road to Fame!). This means that you have the possibility to accompany your sim to his workplace and control their actions within their working day. What’s more, no ramifications within employment: All interior designers progress through the same 10 levels.

10 levels of promotion in interior design

  1. Interior Color Consultant ($540)
  2. Interior design technique ($540)
  3. Space Coordinator ($540-800)
  4. Decoration consultant ($540-800)
  5. Plant Planner ($540-1,900)
  6. Home organizer ($540-14,000)
  7. Home decorator ($540-21,000)
  8. Commercial Interior Designer ($540-14,000)
  9. Interior Designer ($540-14,000)
  10. Certified Interior Designer ($540-25,000)

How to be an interior designer

Sims-4-Interior designer-profession-screenshots

To get started with an interior designer job, use your phone and go to Find Jobs > Find Jobs > Careers. At the bottom you will see the option “Interior Designer”make click in it and accept the job. From here, things are going to be a little different. The functions of the interior designer are found at a midpoint between a classic profession (doctor, scientist, detective) and the professions freelancingthat were added throughout the different expansions of The Sims 4.

As an interior designer, you will not have an assigned calendar. Instead, you’re going to have to find jobsfor your sim and organize their time without the structure of classic trades. At profession panelyou can find a button in the upper right corner with a clipboard icon. Click on it to see the list of available jobs and choose the one you like the most, such as bathroom renovation, bedroom, children’s room, room or room addition, plants, etc.

Loose jobs and without a specific agenda: how the profession of interior designer of The Sims 4 works

Sims-4-Interior design-works-screenshots

Once you accept a job, it will be added to your career panel with a specific time when you will need to travel to the house to do the requested interior design.

All interior designer jobs have a start time and a time limit for completion. In addition, they all last 12 hours in-game, starting at 9 am and ending at 9 pm on the same day, for example. Throughout your working day, it is possible to extend the time a little. However, once you have taken advantage of those overtime hours, you will no longer have the ability to increase your work hours.

Like the other active professions, you will have 2 options before starting a job: accompany your sim or send it alone. If you choose to send it aloneyour sim will gain experience and money, but it is impossible for me to get a promotion. Also, it’s clear that the point of this profession is player interaction, so the only reason not to tag along is if you have another sim in the household who needs your attention.

Once you have arrived at the customer’s location, you can search for the job task list (renovation or addition of X sector of the lot). There are the tasks that you must perform so that the work can be considered finished. However, there are other considerations that must be taken into account.

Top tips for working with clients: likes, fears and more

Sims-4-Interior design-clients-screenshots

Below the details of the selected job, and above the list of tasks, there is another totally new section: the clients. When starting, it shows 3 or 4 circles with question marks inside. In order to take your interior renovations to the next level, you need to talk to the client to fill in these circles with their likes and dislikes: It will tell you their favorite color, their decoration style, music, favorite or hated activities, etc.

After properly introducing yourself, try to ask directly for their preferred colors and design styles. Also, you should ask about their hobbies, as clients react (for better or worse) to objects that relate to skills they often practice. What’s more, the customer will tell you some things he doesn’t like, make sure to avoid them to get the best possible score in interior decoration. Do not hurry! It is better to take the necessary time to know what the client is looking for and how to achieve the proposed objectives.

Once you have completed all your tasks and done your job, you will see how your performance increases. Likewise, we remind you to try to give importance to the client’s preferences, since this aspect can affect (negatively or positively) your reputation as an interior designer.

How performance and reputation works

Sims-4-Interior design-tips-screenshots

This is, perhaps, the most original element of the interior designer profession: having 2 progress bars: one of reputation and another of performance. What is each one for?

In any other profession The Sims 4there is a performance bar that is used to measure your work progress. Interior designers are still measured by their performance, but also by their reputation. This system is totally different from the reputation system introduced in The Sims 4: Get Famous!, and relates to how your customers perceive you.

The important thing is to understand that both bars (reputation and performance) can work separately since, on certain occasions, fail a certain job order (which negatively affects your performance) can help you increase your reputation. For example, if you go a little over budget, but get a result that drives the customer crazy, you may benefit even if you didn’t follow the rules.

However, if your goal is to get a promotion as soon as possible, we recommend that you avoid taking any chances and keep working according to plan.

You can find many more guides and information about The Sims 4 in our comprehensive coverage.

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