Less than 4 weeks until the World Cup in St. George and the show is guaranteed

Everyone knows that British humor is special. And how could it be otherwise, joe skipper It was not going to be less in that aspect. The English a few days ago made some statements to blow up, even more so, the World Cup on May 7 in St. George.

In his statements he said he did not understand why everyone is so enthusiastic about the tandem IdenBlummenfelt. That the Norwegian “Hype” should not be believed. The curious thing is that the British argued it with data, and that today the Norwegians are one of the few PROS that share all their activities openly on Strava (they have recently removed watts and FC, but the rest they share), and that has allowed skipper speak with discretion. I have gone back to the debut of both Norwegians in IM:

  • Cozumel for Blummenfeltconsidered the best mark in the history of IM with a time of 7:21:12 h, and therefore the best debut in the history of the distance.
  • and Florida for Iden with a time of 7:42:57 h. 2nd best debut in the history of the distance after his compatriot and with what was probably the fastest marathon in IM history at 2:34:51 h.

skipper said that the Watts that Iden moved in Florida do not have much merit, since he can move them without problem in weekly bike training of up to 4:30 and then go down to run 10 km at 3:20 min/km without problems.


And of course, seeing the impact that this has had on Social Media, the Norwegians have wanted to give an answer in video mode. On April 3 (the same day that joe skipper did the IM of South Africa) Iden Y blue they got into a 27 km chest-and-back workout at the Sierra Nevada CAR athletics track, their center of operations. The training consisted of a long warm-up, followed by 4 blocks of 10´sub 3:10 min/km and to finish another 4 blocks of 5´sub 3:00 min/km. The recoveries were 1´.

The training was recorded by Michael Idenbrother and coach of Gustav Idenand the 2 Norwegians are seen sharing impressions on the words of skipper. And it is that, during that training, the Briton on the other side of the planet crossed the finish line of the IM South Africa in 4th position, something that the Norwegians and also the Nordic Strava followers joked about in the comments of that activity 27 km on athletics track.

They took advantage of that 4th place joe to add that now they are the ones who do not believe in the “British Hype”, and incidentally also throw a little pull at Sanders, which that same weekend also competed; and that despite coming out with the usual disadvantage in the water sector, losing part of the nutrition in the bike sector, ending up sprinting… despite all that effort, he could “only” be 2nd in IM 70.3 Oceanside.

An Sanders that he is not controversial in this aspect but he is a gamer, and that he is quite loved among fans of the long tri for the show he always gives on social networks and in competitions. An Sanders who has been splashed by this heat of skipperwho has rebounded from the Norwegians and who “to add insult to injury” has been joined by another of the fashionable long-distance triathletes, the American Sam Lengthwho at 26 years old is giving a lot to talk about in terms of performance and machoism.

A Sam Long who in the last edition of the Collins Cup was called a “DUATHLETE” by the very frodenowhich made him cancel his vacation and start swimming more than in his entire life.

Those “extra” swimming meters that he is doing in this 2022 compared to previous years are already worth the American to say that he is a better swimmer than Sanders (As if that were of any use, comment many of the long-distance expert journalists in the US), and since Instagram was operational, he took the opportunity to also review Joe Skipper, giving it the nickname “Chiuahua”. We are what comes to be a biting barking dog in the Spanish proverb. And it is that 4th place of the British in IM South Africa has served for the Norwegians and the American to grow.

The answer of skipper He didn’t wait long, and a few days ago he uploaded some stories to his Instagram where Sam Long could be seen walking in the IM Chattanooga running sector last September. An IM where Sam Long finished DNF and skipper climbed to the top of the podium coming down from 7:50 h. skipper He counterattacked by calling Sam himself “Chiuahua”, and the one from Colorado has not spoken again about it

What is clear here is the following:

  • Sam Long (no matter how much I bark) has not yet come out ahead of Sanders in the water in any competition. He is one of the best on the bike and the truth is that he runs more and better.
  • Joe Skkiper He says that the Norwegian duo does not worry him in the least for the World Cup in St. George in May. Still, the 3 South Africans who came in front of him at IM South Africa just over a week ago should worry him.
  • Sanders He has nothing to lose in the water, but a lot on the bike, where lately he hasn’t seen those epic comebacks; and curiously in the last two years he has been doing it in the foot race sector, where he is one of the fastest. In IM 70.3 Oceanside was the fastest in the half marathon.
  • Blummenfelt… What to say about this man? We could see that he was from this planet in IM 70.3 Dubai, where he himself admitted that he did not have the best day of it. But it is that with only 28 years he has done something within the reach of very few: in less than 4 months he won the Olympic gold, the ITU world championship and the IM of Cozumel in his debut with a record included.
  • ID… probably destined to be the king of the middle distance, but not in the future, but now. He has won the last 2 IM 70.3 world championships competing against the best and has debuted in IM breaking all the statistics.
  • and I end with Frodeno, the king of long distance. And he will continue to be until proven otherwise.

The St. George World Cup is going to be perhaps the highest level event in recent years, nobody wants to miss the big event and the spectators are going to enjoy it like never before.




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