These days many of you will have filed the income statement. You may even have already complied with the payment, in case it goes out to pay you, or that the Tax Agency has already returned it to you since digitization of the procedure makes these processes more and more agile.

There are goods and services that most people know that can be deducted, such as housing or pension plans. But maybe you don’t know everything about the amounts that can be deducted from work income.

The obligation to make the declaration

In this sense, they are income from work whether you are employed as an employee, but also if you have been receiving the unemployment benefit or a pension. This does not mean that there is an obligation to make the declaration since it is only mandatory if a minimum of 22,000 euros has been received if it is a single payer. In case there are two payers, for example, if you have been unemployed and found a job, you have the obligation to declare, only if the sum of what you have received is more than 12,643 euros.

Deductions if I am working

So let’s do a review of the concepts for which you can deduct yourself in the corresponding quote for what you earn working.

  • Social Security contributions or mandatory general mutual funds for civil servants. Officials have a special and complex contribution system. In this section, contributions paid to systems such as MUFACE, a special scheme for public administration workers, may be recorded for deduction. It will also apply in the event that services are being offered abroad and there is an obligation to pay fees in the protection system of the country where the activity is carried out.
  • The deductions for passive rightswhich refers to the deduction on the fourteen installments that officials who are included in the Passive Classes of the State must pay to enjoy their rights to health, retirement, etc.
  • The contributions to schools for orphans or similar entities. Discounts may be made on the fees paid to schools for orphans, normally linked to the State Security Forces, which will be added as deductible expenses.
  • The dues to unions and professional associations. Dues paid to unions can be deducted up to a maximum of 20%. In the case of fees paid to professional associations only those in which it is mandatory would be discounted be registered to practice the profession such as law or medicine. A maximum of 500 euros may be deducted.
  • if you had to hire a lawyer for having had a dispute with the company You can deduct up to a maximum of 300 euros.
  • Other deductible expenses. In general, 2,000 euros per year can be deducted and will be increased if, while unemployed, you have accessed a job that requires you to establish your habitual residence in another locality You can discount up to 2,000 euros per year, a discount that would be applied to the income from the new job.
  • In the event that you are a person with a disability and active this amount may be increased up to 3,500 euros. If your disability is more than 65% or you need the assistance of another person (duly accredited) this discount will be up to 7,750 euros.

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