The international footballer joined Paris Saint Germain for failing to respect the rules with his former team. Barely a year spent in France, but Lionel Messi does not feel out of place and already wants to return to Spain. After the game of PSG-Girondins during which Messi is whistled by the supporters of the Parc des Princes in Bordeaux, he receives marks of support from all sides. Johan Micoud, the former playmaker of the club of France and Bordeaux finds reason among many others for the envy of Messi. Matteo Moretto, the Italian journalist even states that Messi is not happy and ”dreams” of a return to Barcelona.

The Spanish media also support the fact that PSG striker Messi is not comfortable in the arsenal of France and is eager to find his team. The La Chaine L’Équipe consultant says on his Twitter account: ” No, but seriously how can you whistle Messi every time he touches the ball…? We really hit rock bottom… Only in France can we see that… So sad! We just don’t deserve it… In my opinion, he will leave this summer, and he will be right.”. Messi and his clan are, it seems, trying to put everything in place to ensure his return to Spain.

The Messi clan looks for a big return of the Argentinian to FC Barcelona

Several arguments are in favor of Messi’s return to Barcelona.

Indeed, Messi’s departure from the Spanish team is described as ”strength” given the conditions under which he had to leave the club. It should also be noted that it is a little difficult to adapt among the French. The Messi family begins to deploy the necessary armament so that the sixfold Golden Ball rejoin the Barcelona.

Journalist Gerard Romero reports that Messi’s father (Jorge Messi) brought in one of FC Barcelona’s top minds long before Paris Saint Germain’s game against Real Madrid. The ascendant of Messi wanted to find out about the conditions for the return of his boy to Catalonia.

Same Dani Alves, Argentinian’s faithful teammate, request his early return.

The Brazilian does not support the departure of his colleague. He states that ”Messi is the best in the history of the Soccer. It’s strange to be here and not see him, not have him on the sidelines. I already told him that there will be no better place than here. He told me the same thing when I left. It would be great if he could finish his career here”. For him, the native of Rosario should not leave Barcelona. However, some fear that Messi’s return to Barcelona will cause complications.

Reasons why Messi should not return to Spain

By returning to Catalonia, the football star risks to tarnish his reputation. We remember that the Argentinian was almost forced to leave Barcelona so a return from the latter could be seen as a sign of weakness.

He will be considered an aging player nearing retirement. The legend of the international striker will necessarily take a hit. In addition, from his departure the Catalan club took care of itself and is progressing well. His arrival could upset the rhythm of the club. Messi’s exit from Barcelona allowed Joan Laporta to turn around the plummeting financial side of the team. The president of FC Barcelona admits that it is a sad but not regrettable choice. A return of Lionel would surely go back into the red. The Argentine star ends his contract with PSG in 2023. We are therefore waiting for him to provide clarification on his future to be fixed.


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