During the 2000s, in the field of comics for adults, publishers favored, for economy, the publication of covers of old works. Silenced by a risk of perverse censorship, they had no other solutions to allow the genre to survive. Here comes, after a few other two creations, two unreleased quality albums, signed by true professionals. Proof that comics for informed adults, blacklisted for too long, are rising from the ashes (1).

The world is ravaged by a virus that turns humans into bloodthirsty mutants. In order to avoid a separation imposed by the power of the priests, Kartes, the companion of the beautiful Druuna, offers the latter to flee the city contaminated by chaos and reach the forbidden zone: a perilous journey made of unusual, dangerous encounters. … and very hot.

While working at his own pace on a tenth and final chapter of the classic series, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri has authorized the production of this prequel set long before the original story begun in France in 1985 in Monthly Charlie. Alessio Schreiner, dialogue writer for television, whose debut in comics dates back to 1999, has already written erotic stories for Giovanna Casatto, Marco Turini… under the pseudonym Mr Grady. Eon, a young Italian designer who has just published “Karolus Magnus” with Soleil, offers neat pages with lines inspired by the work of Serpieri. The erotic sequences, more numerous than in the classic version, are much more daring in this first story in 62 pages of a triptych which should make lovers of the luscious heroine wait. A 12-page graphic notebook presents a selection of illustrations by Serpieri.

London, late 19th centuryand century. In the Whitechapel district, the “Venus Killer” sows terror within the London prostitute community.

La Maison Fleury, a posh brothel frequented by wealthy clients, is a favorite spot for the monster hunted down by Commissioner Barnes flanked by his assistant the young Reid.

Chic eroticism, sordid rituals and breathless investigation intersect over a scenario rich in twists and turns.

The Italian author Gabriele Di Caro (born in Livorno in 1985) offers superb pages filled with pretty girls in naughty outfits, evolving in neat settings.

This second part therefore does not lack graphic qualities, mixing thriller and eroticism.

It should appeal to fans of the genre, but also fans of good classic comics.

So here are two albums that reconnect with neat eroticism, without vulgarity in the script, and which are worthy of the creations of the great era which had allowed comics for adults to impose themselves at the end of the last century.

Henry Filippini

(1) See also Grégory Mardon sketches “Raw Love”!.

“Druuna in the Beginning T1: Hopes” by Eon and Alessio Schreiner

Editions Glénat/Lo Scarabeo (€15.50) — EAN: 978 2 3440 5212 9

Release February 16

“The Mysteries of Maison Fleury T2: Behind the Scenes” by Gabriele Di Caro

Editions Tabou (€17) — EAN: 978 2 3595 4178 6

Release January 25

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