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Companies have adapted to new technologiesspecifically at professional social networks like LinkedIn. Choosing to use this new channel of communication as means to recruit new talenttherefore have a resume on LinkedIn It is essential in the new labor landscape.

In addition to the traditional curriculum, it is always recommended that you adapt to the resume 2.0 and LinkedIn is a good way to do it. In addition, it puts you in contact with professionals and companies in your same sector, what better way to network? Indeed, LinkedIn is a must in the world of social networking and job hunting. Why? Do not hesitate to continue reading.

▶ What is LinkedIn and what is it used for?

LinkedIn is a professional social network oriented to employment and professional development. Starting from the professional profile of each user -that you will have the possibility to write your own resume online- LinkedIn connects millions of workers, the unemployed and companies so that they can establish new labor synergies through Networking.

📄 Tools to create a CV on LinkedIn

The first thing you have to do when you open an account on LinkedIn is fill in each and every one of the required fields in your profile. In this online curriculum you will not only be able to write down your academic and work historybut also add a series of extras that can attract the attention of more than one recruiter: additional training, command of languages, volunteer activities, computer skills, recommendations from former bosses or co-workers, etc.

✅ How to maximize your LinkedIn profile

One of the most positive things about LinkedIn is that it offers you endless functionalities to optimize your profile and that it can reach many more people (both recruiters and potential customers). It is important that you know all the possibilities that LinkedIn can offer you to make the most of your potential; any detail adds up to differentiate yourself as a professional.

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… the interview we conducted with Inge Saez, LinkedIn specialist. He told us his tricks to gain visibility on LinkedIn and reach as many people as possible.

👥 Recommendations on LinkedIn

Another of the great assets that LinkedIn has is that offers the possibility of adding recommendations by your former bosses or co-workers. This rating will not only give you prestige on LinkedIn, but also will help you find a job in this social network. And it is that… Who do you think a recruiter will contact first: with a person who has no references or with a professional who has several favorable recommendations?

We can understand LinkedIn recommendations from 2 different perspectives: that you are the requester of the recommendation or that you are the one who must write it.

How to ASK for a LinkedIn RecommendationHow to WRITE a Good LinkedIn Recommendation

🧰 How to Search for Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful showcase for companies and recruitersand whether you are looking for a salaried job, or if you are a freelancer and want to increase your client portfolio, the truth is that LinkedIn will help you find the job you’re looking for. If you make good use of it, of course.

The definitive strategy to create your professional network of contacts Tips to look for a job on LinkedIn Steps to look for jobs on LinkedIn The best LinkedIn groups to find work

Find Jobs Using LinkedIn – eBook

  • 70 pages spread over 7 chapters with the keys to succeed on LinkedIn
  • Information about how to maximize your profile and how write it to stand out among the competition
  • How correctly manage job offers from LinkedIn
  • learn about how to network effectively
  • You will know how to make an action plan that brings you closer to your goal: to get the best job for you
  • Pdf format.

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