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It is becoming more and more common for portfolios or dossiers showing the work of each one to attach it to the curriculum vitae. This new strategy is due to the need to stand out from the rest of the candidates and, also, because there are professions that require the recruiter to see the work of the candidates before the job interview. A good portfolio can help you give the best possible imagesince your first impression will go beyond your resume.

There’s a lot ways to create a portfolioeither according to your profession or the type of portfolio you want, so let’s focus on general recommendations to create the portfolioand then we will focus on portfolio types and formats so you can prepare your work dossier and projects correctly and in the most attractive way.

Create a portfolio according to your profession

For each job there is a suitable portfolio, just as there are resumes according to the profession, it is very common that the portfolios vary according to the work of each onesince the format for presenting the work of an architect

Create an online portfolio

cover letter cv no experienceYou can also add to your CV a online portfolio that complements everything a recruiter may know about you. Instead of a printed portfolio, opt for a version 2.0 with a very attractive digital portfolio.
online portfolio

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