“Since the day I finally understood that he was the culprit, I understood that I will never see my daughter again”, she notably declared at the bar, Wednesday April 6.

I can’t let this demon loose“. The pain and anger of Narumi Kurosaki’s mother, young girl “wonderfulwhose body was never found, upset the Doubs Assize Court on Wednesday April 6, which judges Nicolas Zepeda, accused of having murdered her.

Since the day I finally understood that he was the culprit, I understood that I will never see my daughter again“, told the bar Taeko Kurosaki, the mother of the 21-year-old student who has not been seen since her last evening with Nicolas Zepeda, December 4, 2016.

He’s a big liar, how many times did he lie during this trial? He will never tell the truth during this trial“, deplores this mother who completely refuted the thesis of the defense, of a possible “voluntary evaporation“.

Since the start of his trial, Nicolas Zepeda, Chilean ex-boyfriend of the Japanese student, stubbornly denies having killed Narumi Kurosaki despite the numerous incriminating elements. He goes on to claim that Narumi has “faded away“.

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The sound of Taeko Kurosaki’s voice echoed for the first time since the start of this trial on March 29. Dressed all in black, she began her intervention by imploring, head bowed, the “patiencefrom the courtyard for his jerky delivery, before speaking in Japanese for three and a half hours, nonstop, straightening up as anger mingled with his sobs.

I am psychically destroyed and I have a great mistrust of humans. I gave up all professional activity and I isolate myself without seeing anyone, that’s why I lost the habit of speaking“, she apologized.

France, “his dream”

Gazing down at the ground, she described in detail Narumi as a child.wonderful” and “happy” who “studied in the light of dawnso as not to disturb his family. This child to whomeverything was successful“, which was the pride of this divorced mother and her two younger sisters.

In 2015, Narumi Kurosaki flourished in her studies at the University of Tsukuba, near Tokyo. “Alas, it was in this context that she met Nicolas Zepedaregrets her mother, raising her head for the first time to look straight ahead. On the bench of the accused, the Chilean observes him, with this impassive look which he almost never departs from. “For me Narumi’s family was my family“, he had however written to a cousin in a message read at the hearing on Wednesday.

Narumi’s mother describes how Nicolas Zepeda introduced himself into their family until he became intrusive. Until “stealing” Narumi from her sisters. She will end up putting up on the desk in front of her the portrait of the young girl, smiling and radiant, whom she has held tight to her heart and wrapped in a flowery fabric since her arrival in Besançon.

The 21-year-old flew to France in the summer of 2016, “his dreamto continue his studies in Besançon. She broke up with Nicolas Zepeda in October 2016.

The audience, in tears, applauds

Blooming” and “independent“, according to those close to her, she savors this new French life and begins a new romance with a Frenchman, Arthur Del Piccolo. “A very beautiful love story“, according to him. But Nicolas Zepeda joins her without warning in Besançon and spends the evening of December 4, 2016 with her. After this date, no one will see her again and her body has never been found. “Where is she ? Just that, I want to learn itdemanded, in tears, Narumi’s younger sister, Kurumi, fists clenched on the desk.

Desperate, the mother of the Japanese student said she went to Chile before the extradition of Nicolas Zepeda to France. “I wanted to see how Zepeda continued to live: he looked happy“. “I tried to kill myself“, she continued in a last confidence. “But I still have two daughters” and “I can’t let this demon go free“.

Exceptional fact in a courtroom, at his last word, with a single impulse, the public, in tears, applauded. Alas, invited to speak after more than five hours of testimony from Narumi’s mother and sister, Nicolas Zepeda showered all hope of an answer. “I just don’t know what I can do to comfort them in their pain“, he said, thinking “speechless, very moved“. The verdict is expected on April 12.

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