DECRYPTION – Once peaceful and prosperous, the Scandinavian kingdom is today shaken by ethnic-religious unrest: the result of twenty years of a “generous and benevolent” migration policy that has reached the point of absurdity.

1. One in five inhabitants was born abroad

Sweden was for a long time a country of emigration, especially to the United States. Hence a population that remained homogeneous until the end of the 20th century.and century. In the name of tolerance and benevolence, its leaders from social democracy (of which the Scandinavian kingdom is the supreme model) have decided to reverse the flows and open its borders to refugees. A generosity not devoid of ulterior motives, the economy needing manpower. This asylum policy began with the war in the former Yugoslavia, but it got carried away with the Syrian conflict. In 2014 alone, Stockholm distributed 160,000 residence permits. In total, the number of people born abroad has increased by 80% in twenty years. One inhabitant in five comes from another region, ie 2 million nationals out of a total workforce of 10 million. A quarter of newborns have at least one non-native parent. Despite all its good will, the welfare state ended up showing signs of fatigue, at the level of the regimes…

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