Nowadays, digitization is no longer an option, but is almost an obligation. This is why each company reserves one or more IT positions in its organization. Do you want to integrate this very strong profession into professional integration? Find out here how it looks.

The job of computer scientist: a job with a strong market

There is no shortage of vacancies in the IT sector. Indeed, companies, whatever their field, need a computer scientist to get up to speed with digital and technological developments. Moreover, it is one of the few professions that has not been affected by the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

Companies that are dedicated to the production of software recruit several IT professionals. Especially those who are specialists in software development or computer programming.

In addition, commercial companies also need the services of an IT expert, in particular to create and manage their e-commerce site or to develop their digital marketing strategy.

Also, financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies hire employees specializing in IT.

Jobs in the IT sector can be exercised under a permanent or fixed-term contract. But one of its biggest advantages is that they can be exercised on a freelance basis.

Some IT professions that are recruiting

There are an infinite number of professions that recruit in the IT sector. Here are some examples:

  • IT Developer

This IT specialist can be a specialist either in web development or in mobile development. The first consists of making computer programs with programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, C++… While the second has the job of developing applications for smartphones or tablets.

The webmaster is a computer scientist who is responsible for managing a website and possibly creating one. It integrates content on the site and solves potential problems. His daily life boils down to ensuring that the website he manages is always of excellent quality.

This job in the IT sector requires both technical skills and artistic skills. Indeed, this computer specialist is responsible for the visual identity of a website and aims to make it attractive. This job requires great creativity and a lot of talent.

  • SEO or SEO expert

This computer specialist is in great demand with e-merchants. Indeed, its role is to perfect the visibility of a website and to attract the maximum number of visits to it. Its one and only goal is to place its website in the first pages of search engines.

  • IT engineer

The computer engineer is one of the most important professions in the sector. There are several specialties, namely in computer architecture, networking, software and artificial intelligence…

How to become a computer scientist?

Ideally, the profession of computer scientist is reserved for those who have followed a diploma course. Indeed, employers prefer to hire graduates to the detriment of those who are not.

Nevertheless, working as a computer scientist without any degree is not impossible. Obviously, whether or not a degree is required depends on the type of IT job you want to practice.

Train as a self-taught computer scientist

There are several methods of learning the profession of self-taught computer scientist. Indeed, there are several books on the programming or operation of network systems. To learn faster, you can read as much as possible and do a lot of exercise.

You can also turn to video tutorials or MOOCs. Unlike books which are rather theoretical, these video tutorials help you to familiarize yourself with the practice.

In addition, there are several online learning platforms that allow you to self-train as a computer scientist. At the end of your training, the platform can give you a test. If you succeed, you can get hired by its partners. And to improve your skills, take part in an “open source” project on the internet.

The IT professions that can be learned in self-training are, in particular, web developer, PC assembler, cyber security expert, etc.

Diploma courses to become a computer scientist

Ranging from bac + 2 to bac + 6, the training courses to exercise a profession in the IT sector are innumerable. This is the case for the BTS in computer science or BTS in computer services for organizations (SIO), the Bachelor’s degree in computer science, the DEES in computer science, the specialized master’s degree in computer science, the engineering degree in computer science, etc.

The job of computer scientist that you can practice depends on the level of your diploma as well as your specialization. To exercise the profession of Webmaster, web integrator, project manager or SEO, for example, a bac + 2 is enough. While to become an engineer, you must absolutely present your bac+6 diploma in your IT CV.

What is the salary of a computer scientist?

A computer scientist can work in the public sector or in the private sector. In the public sector, its role is generally technical: information system, communication system. His salary is between 1,600 and 4,500 euros gross per month.

In the private sector, the missions of a computer scientist are much more extensive. This ranges from the management of information systems to the establishment of databases. The gross salary is from 2,300 euros per month.

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