Eric Zemmour gathered his supporters on Sunday for a first high-powered meeting full of incidents. The former columnist promised to “To win back” France, in a speech “combative” and “More divisive than ever”, according to the international press.

Sunday was marked by extremes, observed Politico : a few hours before Eric Zemmour addressed his supporters in Villepinte, the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon had gathered his people at the Defense to call for “Fight” against the rights, without “Whining, whining and hesitation”.

But it was the Zemmour meeting that “Sparked the most interest and chaos, as videos showed his supporters beating up anti-racist activists who had come to protest the event, writes the site. A television crew, apparently threatened by the crowd, also had to be exfiltrated by security. ”

The violent confrontation between the militants of SOS Racism and the participants in the meeting “Did not last long, but it shows how much Zemmour’s far-right candidacy is causing tensions in France”, raise it Financial Times. The candidate himself was taken to task and injured in the wrist by an individual, immediately overpowered, who grabbed him as he walked through the crowd to deliver his speech.

The atmosphere “Ultra-extended” of this meeting under high security did not prevent the polemicist from delivering in front of ten thousand of his supporters a speech of an hour and a half “More divisive than ever”but without real “project”, affirms The evening.

“Until then, he had only given lectures and given autograph sessions, observes the Belgian daily. Here he is as a candidate for the rostrum. Expected on other themes than those, obsessive, immigration and insecurity, which earned him his breakthrough in the polls in September. But there is still no question of the project. ”


In fact, most of the discourse – judged “combative” speak Financial Times – was devoted to immigration, with “Mr. Zemmour’s promise to ‘win back’ France” and the presentation of its objective “Zero immigration”, report it Daily Telegraph.

In the same vein, the British daily underlines that the candidate launched Sunday his new party, baptized “Reconquest!”, A name “Which evokes the Reconquista, the historical period [du Moyen Âge] during which Christian forces drove Muslim rulers from the Iberian Peninsula ”.

The reference did not escape the correspondent of the Catalan daily El Periódico, which qualifies the meeting as “Staging of the ‘reconquest’ of ultra France”.

For The weather, if the “Political spectacle” was “success”, Eric Zemmour’s rhetoric remains that of “The permanent accusation. Against the media accused of wanting his social death. Against the political elite. Against all those who want to lead France to the edge of the abyss. Objective: to present oneself as a victim of the system. ”

He won’t have it easy, “And his chances of qualifying in the second round are very slim today”, warns El País. But the “Zemmourian high mass” Sunday gives nevertheless “The tone of the campaign” because “Its almost exclusive theme, immigration, monopolizes the French political debate”, analyzes the Madrid daily.

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