Choices of reason for professions of passion!
The world of work is constantly changing: its codes and languages ​​are constantly evolving, in all professional branches.

The same goes for drawing professions, sometimes criticized for the instability of the social status of artists. Nothing goes without saying even if one chooses a profession out of passion, of course, but this criticism is reductive whenever it neglects the skills of artists, if they are able to express this passion with the appropriate qualifications.

Remarkable artistic careers are based on solid training, acquired in benchmark establishments, where teachers themselves experience the development of techniques and professions in their own artistic environment.

Lifelong guidance is therefore a major issue, both for students, future artists, and for professionals who must develop their skills to broaden their horizons. conducted the survey on the future prospects in the world of images. Through job descriptions, interviews with professionals or former students of art schools, you will find the answers to your questions:

  • Which profession to choose?
  • Can we make a living from our art?
  • What is the offer on the labor market?

To help you,
We have set up a page referencing the questions you can ask yourself about the path to follow to integrate art studies (what is a MANAA, what is a Bac STD2A, etc.) Consult our database Questions answers,
You can download our Trades Guide.


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