The best audiobooks in Spanish of 2020

1. Just Do It the Damn Once (Just Do It Right Now, Dammit)

Author: reese oen

All people have dreams and aspirations, however, it does not mean that it will be fulfilled by itself. It requires effort, perseverance and overcoming the worst enemy of success: procrastination.

Just do it once damn; is one of the best audiobooks for entrepreneurs, almost 4 hours long, especially aimed at people who fail to achieve their goals by postponing all their activities. In it, you will find the necessary tools to reeducate the instincts of will and productivity with which you can do everything you want in the right time. In its content you will find practical, fun and easy to apply tips for:

  • Add more hours to the day to day.
  • Organize your to-do list for the highest level of productivity.
  • Avoid falling into frustration and the bad energies that surround it.
  • Know the 5 assassins of the will, the main enemies of motivation.
  • Debunk the myth of “early risers”.
  • How to start doing things when we feel overwhelmed or listless.
  • Understand that we can all succeed regardless of social status, physical condition, financial status or acquired skills.

2. Unbreakable (Unbreakable)

For Daniel Habif

Considered one of the best personal development audiobooks of recent times, Unbreakable has surpassed its limits to become a worldwide motivational movement. Its author, one of the lecturers and influencers most important Spanish-speaking; He constantly shares inspiring phrases and videos for his more than 6 million followers.

This audiobook is narrated by the same author, with a duration of about 6 hours, in it, you will find more than self-help content, it includes a series of exercises and tests that will allow you to know yourself and overcome various obstacles. Habif captures the experiences that led him to success and offers tools for his audience to discover their strengths and learn to live fully.

All this makes Unbreakable, in the perfect audiobook to discover our strengths and dare to achieve our desires through actions.

3. The Art of Asking Questions (The Art of Asking Questions)

The Socratic method to succeed in life and in business, for Mario Borgino.

Do you want to improve your business, close big deals, dominate the workforce, become true leaders and succeed in every aspect of your life? So, you must listen to this audiobook.

Narrated by Mario Borghino himself and with a duration of almost 5 hours, The Art of Asking Questions is a manual that will allow you to earn money and improve your personal life in simple steps. Its content focuses on teaching listeners to ask high-level questions that allow them to discover key information that leads them to proceed until they win the battle.

These techniques are used by leaders, negotiators, politicians, interviewers and reporters to convince counterparts to close beneficial deals, with information provided by themselves.

These features make this audiobook the perfect material for anyone who wants to learn how to ask high-impact intelligent questions that help them achieve their goals. Persuasion is a card that is played with insight and through this audiobook, you will be able to seize great power.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

For Stephen R Covey

Stephen Covey and his son Sean are worldwide exponents of numerous copies of self-help books. This edition for highly effective people, has become best-seller and now it has its own audiobook version.

Within its content, the author presents integrated holistic methods to solve professional and personal problems effectively, through the exercise of programs that allow us to break with customs and harmful behaviors that prevent us from fulfilling our goals.

In addition, it narrates diverse anecdotes and deep points of view that will motivate them to live with honesty, rectitude, dignity and integrity; pillars that those with will be able to adapt to changes and make decisions wisely.

5. The Black Book of Persuasion (The Black Book of Persuasion)

The 23 laws that move our wills, for Alejandro Llantada Toscano.

Some books have the ability to completely change the way we perceive life and this is one of them.

Surely at some point you have wondered what messages are hidden behind political campaigns, how big companies get us to buy expensive products that we do not need or how the masses are manipulated to support cruel and illogical conflicts. All these acts are possible, thanks to the interpretation of human knowledge; the central basis of this audiobook.

The Black Book of Persuasion: 23 laws that move our wills, is a e book and audiobook that provides in-depth, practical, and scientific insights on how to effectively persuade others. Listening and analyzing the content, you will undoubtedly be surprised to notice how many of these laws are used daily without knowing it.

This manual will guide you through the path of deep knowledge of people, the interpretation of their being, the domination of other people’s wills and obtaining the results they want. Knowledge is power!

6. Increase your financial IQ (Increase Your Financial IQ)

Be smarter with your money, for Robert T Kiyosaki

Renowned businessman, lecturer, speaker, investor, and writer Robert Kiyosaki; author of bestsellers What Rich father poor father It provides us with this fantastic audiobook to learn how to develop our financial skills and make the best decisions regarding our money.

With a duration of 8 hours, Increase your financial IQ It is more than just a guide to economics; in it you will find real cases of success around the world, provided by the different actors that make up the business world. In addition, they will be able to enjoy lessons on how to make financial decisions and how to invest.

Although there are thousands of books with the same theme, this one is extremely different because Kiyosaki does not present a general theory; but the real and verifiable application of the success obtained during decades. What makes this audiobook the perfect ally for all people who want to learn how to manage their money wisely. On the other hand, with this manual they will be able to learn to:

  • Increase your income and protect it.
  • Promote economic resources.
  • Develop budgets and investment plans.
  • Find practical and useful apps to process financial information.

7. Limitless Power (Unlimited Power)

The New Science of Personal Development, for Anthony Robbins.

Possibly, all human beings want to have an optimal quality of life and to achieve it, it is necessary to improve the personal and work aspects of it. All this is possible, thanks to the power we have within us; since the unfortunate circumstances are not the problem, but the attitude with which we face them.

In Power without limits, the author teaches us how we usually ask life for a low cost, which considerably limits our goals and ambitions. Many of these circumstances are generated when we feel fear of the unknown or frustration; but all this can change thanks to the hidden power that our brain keeps.

Robbins’ mission is to provide the public with extremely powerful content capable of increasing our confidence and strengthening our belief in ourselves; as this is the only way to achieve true success. Without a doubt, this audiobook is one of the best personal growth and development titles ever created.

8. Leadership (Leadership)

The power of emotional intelligence, for Daniel Golemann

With more than twenty years of experience in the area, Daniel Goleman is a respected reference in the field of Emotional Intelligence in relation to organizational exploitation and personal excellence. His manuals on development are considered by many as toolboxes capable of providing, chapter by chapter, the skills and abilities of a good leader.

The content present in this audiobook is constantly quoted by those who have had the pleasure of listening to it; since they express the effectiveness of the same in the development of its capacities of execution, direction and innovation. In turn, Goleman redefines the work of the leader and the way in which they develop with greater Emotional Intelligence; thanks to new discoveries in the area of ​​neural plasticity in the brain.

All these feats, make Leadership in one of the best audiobooks in its genre. Where each chapter will give you useful and unique artifacts to become the leaders you’ve always wanted to be.

9. Stories for Children Who Dare to be Different (Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different)

For Ben Brooks.

Most children’s stories deal with amazing feats that take place in fantastic settings and carry powerful messages capable of impacting the minds of the little ones.

Ben Brooks in his book, tells stories about amazing boys capable of changing the real world.

This audiobook compiles over 100 inspiring stories about famous people who made the world a better place by being generous, compassionate, and confident. Everything, celebrating fundamental aspects for the correct development of the human being such as resilience, innovation, sensitivity, expression and diversity.

Among the characters that star in the stories we have Alan Turing, Beethoven, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Salvador Dalí and many other characters who broke stereotypes and changed the world to be a better place.

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