Today, there are many free online translation solutions.

As we practice and are confronted more and more regularly with foreign languages ​​(especially English), it is important to use reliable and efficient machine translation tools. These can be used in particular in the context of an internationalization of your activity.

Here are 5 essential translators for translating from French to English or any of the most common languages ​​in the world.

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1. DeepL

DeepL, free online translation

DeepL is a fairly new translation tool (launched in August 2017), but often considered the most powerful.

Created by the Linguee site team, DeepL relies on the latter’s database to carry out its translations.

Only downside: the tool can translate “only” 7 languages ​​(French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish).

2. Google Translate

Google Translate, free online translation

Google Translate is certainly the best known online translator.

Based on Google’s know-how in artificial intelligence and deep learning, it is a very effective tool even if it is not infallible.

But the greatest strength of Google Translate is undoubtedly the number of languages ​​it is able to translate (more than a hundred).

3. Reverso

Reverso, free online translation

Another big name in free online translation, Reverso is a powerful tool.

It has the particular advantage of accompanying its translations with examples of use, allowing the translated sentence to be contextualized.

Reverso allows you to translate from French into English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese.

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4. Linguee

linguee, free online translation

Founded several years ago by the creators of DeepL, which we talked about earlier, Linguee is one of the most practical free translation tools.

Unlike traditional automatic translators, it offers several examples of use in different contexts, in order to find the most faithful translation possible.


Systran, free online translation

Systran, which publishes professional translation software, also offers a free online translator.

With 14 languages ​​(from English to Korean to Swedish), it is a solid alternative to other solutions.

Our advice

These automatic online translators, despite their qualities and the constant progress of technology, do not however replace a competent human translator, especially for more technical pages, such as the translation of the general conditions of sale for example.

If your needs require professional treatment, such as for the translation of a book, discover now, the platform for connecting with professional translators.

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