The most popular platform in the world of freelance work. Available in more than 50 countries, Freelancer has more than 19 million registered users.

Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use; in which we can register, create our profile and include a portfolio. In this way we will not only be able to make ourselves known, but also potential clients can see what our work is like.

The operation of the platform allows entrepreneurs or business owners find trained people who carry out any remote work.

Also, depending on the type of project that you want to carry out, the contracting company can determine whether to pay by the hour, or a single payment at the end of the project.

Regardless of the chosen payment system, the website charges a 3% commission for each job closed on the platform.

Other features offered by Freelancer are:

  • It has a section dedicated solely to local freelancers.
  • Freelancers can participate in contests held by companies, where a job is done and the best one is chosen as the winner.
  • It has a scoring system, which makes it easy for freelancers to show their worth and for employers to decide which professional they want to work with.
  • It points out the punctuality with which a freelancer delivers their projects, as well as the opinion of their clients.
  • It has customer service 24/7, to solve possible doubts or inconveniences.
  • It has applications available for iOS and Android devices.
  • It is 100% in Spanish.

2. Workana

Latin American platform for all types of freelancers. With more than 300,000 professionals available in areas such as: illustration, design, software, application development, programmers, marketing, writing, among others.

It has a simple to use and intuitive interface, which works through the following steps:

  • The companies or bidders publish the project they wish to see carried out.
  • Professionals or workers who have a profile that fits the characteristics of the project in question, receive a notification with the publication made by the company; to then respond to the offer with a proposal.
  • Finally, the company decides which candidate to hire based on the characteristics that best suit their needs.

In the selection process, companies have access to portfolio, skills, reputation and ratings made by other users to freelancers.

It has a work area in which the bidder and the worker can communicate, to better coordinate the project.

Another feature of the page is that for the freelancer to receive their payment, the company must first approve the work done.

In turn, the platform has a free plan, in which it charges a 15% commission for each project carried out. Being able to reduce it to 13% when paying a subscription with benefits.

3. Nubelo

Developed by a Spanish company, Nubelo is a platform for freelance jobs that is having great success in Latin America.

It offers companies of all kinds the possibility of connecting with more than 1 million freelancers.

It has an algorithm that is responsible for matching companies with freelancers, that is, the algorithm analyzes and identifies the profiles of freelancers who they consider fit the guidelines to perform such work.

Another feature of the platform is that allows the joint hiring of several freelancerssomething that is very popular with large companies that require several workers to carry out larger projects.

Commissions for free accounts are 10% for each completed project. While it is possible to access a premium account by paying €29 per month, which brings with it improvements in commissions that are reduced to 5%.

4. Fiverr

It offers a different service to those we have known so far. Here, it is the freelancers themselves who offer their services to those who wish to hire them according to their skills.

It is available in Spanish, although it must be taken into account that it is a page in English. This allows you to connect with a freelancer anywhere in the world.

Those offered are mostly very brief, so it is considered a platform to perform micro-jobs. The web has more than 3 million services published in more than 110 categories.

Freelancers are in charge of offering a service for USD 5, reaching a maximum of USD 25.

The main advantage for companies or professionals who do not have a large budgetis that on this website it is possible to find a freelancer who can perform the task they need at a low cost.

For its part, Fiverr charges a commission of USD 1, for each gig sold out. In other words, the net income received by the freelancer will be USD 4. The website also has applications available for iOS and Android devices.


On this platform, completely in English, it is possible to hire freelancers to do mini-jobs. At PeoplePerHour, jobs can generally last from 1 to 3 hours maximum.

Contrary to the portals that we have dealt with so far, where the contracts can have a longer duration.

Companies have the availability to make publications with the jobs they require. Or they can also carry out a segmented search.

For their part, freelancers also have the option of making publications. In them, they can establish the services they offer, setting the period of time for which they agree to be hired and the rate they will have; this practice is known as Hourlie.

Commissions on this platform vary from 5 to 15% and allows you to operate with different types of currency.


It has 1.5 million users.

Its main characteristic is that the contractor company rMake the payment for the work directly to the platformonce it gives its approval to the task or project carried out, the website releases the payment to the freelancer.

Companies have the option to perform a search through filters. Being able to observe tasks or projects that they have previously carried out.

Freelancers can also search for job offers. As well as receive job notifications that adapt to the tasks and services they are offering.

Another feature of the web is that it allows both professionals and companies to communicate through the site.

Commissions charged range from 5% to 9% based on the final rate of the project. In turn, Guru has various plans where for a certain fee per month, we can obtain better features.

7. 99 designs

This platform available in Spanish, focuses primarily on design and visual communication.

The most outstanding feature of 99 designs, and what sets it apart from other platforms, is the peculiar way it works.

His system comprises the following six steps:

  1. Companies write a Briefin which they detail the project they require.
  2. They choose one of the 4 available design packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), the choice will depend on the budget available.
  3. With the information provided, the platform creates a kind of auction, to develop the design of the company. This is notified to all users who enter the job specifications.
  4. Through an evaluation system, the company can make some recommendations to designers or partially qualify their work.
  5. Finally, the client has 7 days to choose the winning design.

For customers requesting a design, prices vary according to different packages available that we mentioned earlier. While for freelance designers, the portal does not charge any commission.

8. Lance Talent

Platform 100% in Spanish, which offers both freelancers and companies the possibility of developing projects together through a shared work area.

lancetalent uses the system Briefin which companies must make a very detailed description of the work they require.

Once the description has been made, the clients must establish a proposal that provides both the term in which they want the project to be carried out, as well as the budget they have for it.

Once the process of creating the proposal is finished, the platform proceeds to review it so that all the parameters are fulfilled. Then, it goes on to spread it to freelancers whose skills fit the parameters.

It is up to freelancers to accept or decline the offer. The platform charges a commission to freelancers of 15%, on the final price of the work done.

9. Upwork

Perhaps one of the most important freelancer platform globally by 2021 as it generates +1 trillion dollars in profit.

Available only in English, the platform has, like many other portals, a work area where companies and professionals can discuss the project they will work on.

Companies can request services directly from freelancers, or freelancers can offer their services to companies.

According to Upwork, on its platform it is possible to find trained people who can do any type of work remotely. Also allows you to hire several freelancers for the same job.

The commissions vary between 5% to 20%, depending on the project that is carried out.

10. I’m a freelancer

It is especially oriented to Hispanic American users. Registration on the platform, as well as its use, is completely free for both freelancers and clients.

It’s possible to find Fprofessional reelancers of any specialtybut the main categories are for designers, programmers, community managers and digital marketing experts.

Being a free portal, it has a sectioned publication system. The publications can be: Free, PRO or Elite.

I am a freelancer and have a payment system by escrow or system escrow.

Bonus: Jooble

More than a freelancer platform, Jooble is a search engine for jobs, which extends throughout the world, throughout more than 50 countries.

But, it is not far from the freelance world. In your search engine you can find job offers dedicated exclusively to people who are dedicated to self-employment.

Appearing is Jobble is a great opportunity for your proposal to reach freelancers around the world.

In addition, it offers an advantage over all the other pages above. Not being dedicated only to the freelance world, it allows you to have more freedoms when communicating.

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