What does the job of technical salesman entail?

What is a technical salesperson?

The technical sales profession presents and promotes goods and services. This implies a perfect technical knowledge of their characteristics. He is in charge of prospecting, as well as relations with customers and suppliers. It is distinguished from the “standard” commercial by the adaptability of its offer and its relevance to the needs mentioned upstream. There is therefore a qualitative concern that does not only target the transformation of the purchase decision. He thus ensures customer satisfaction after the transaction has been finalized. Furthermore, the technical-commercial is more versatile.

What does a technical sales representative do on a daily basis?

What does a technical salesperson do? Thanks to a particularly wide range of skills, his employer can entrust him with numerous missions. Depending on the size of the structure and the department in which he works, he may be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Participate in the commercial policy of the company.
  • Oversee employee training.
  • Manage orders and commercial proposals.
  • Negotiate contractual terms and conditions of purchase with suppliers.
  • Supervise the customer relationship; from making appointments to following up with each contact.

The technical sales representative can work in many sectors of activity that require specific technical expertise. For example, the field of industrial production, agri-food or renewable energies. He can demonstrate mobility or favor sedentary positions.

What is the salary of a technical salesperson in 2021?

A technical salesperson earns between €1,900 and €5,900 gross per month. The first estimates, ie between €22,000 and €30,000 gross per year, concern “junior” positions, without prior experience. The salary of a confirmed technical salesperson is between €45,000 and €69,000 gross per year. This income does not include any bonuses, the amounts of which differ significantly from one institution to another.

How to become a technical salesperson?

What skills do you need to be a technical salesperson?

Want to make sure you choose the right career path? To become a technical sales representative, it is essential to like contact and to have an irreproachable sense of relationship. Both motivated and serene, he demonstrates concentration and involvement to achieve his objectives. Whatever his functions or responsibilities, he is asked to be very available. Comfortable with digital tools, he also has a perfect knowledge of his products and services. If necessary, he carries out an informative watch to keep abreast of the latest developments or innovations in his sector. This makes it possible to better anticipate market trends and answer the questions of its interlocutors.

Can one become a technical salesperson without a diploma?

In order to meet the requirements of employers and the profession, the training of a technical salesperson is essential. It is most often done through an advanced school curriculum.

What studies or training to be a technical salesperson?

Different paths and diploma courses are recognized for exercising the profession of technical salesman. Of course, the commercial route is to be preferred. Knowledge of marketing and management is also valuable for claiming positions of responsibility. A Bac + 2 or Bac + 3 profile is often requested. Below, the main diplomas to embark on such a career:

  • DUT marketing techniques;
  • Technical-commercial BTS or management of commercial units;
  • Pro Technico-commercial or sales license.

The Bac pro Métiers du commerce is a good introduction, but is insufficient on its own. For Bac + 5 profiles, the candidate can continue his studies with a double Master’s degree in commerce and engineering. This last diploma then focuses on a specialty, such as renewable energies.

What are the professional evolutions of a technical salesperson?

The technical salesperson can quickly evolve within his professional environment. Depending on his results and his aspirations, he has the possibility ofsupervise a department or a team and access positions of responsibility :

  • Sales manager ;
  • Director of the commercial department;
  • Specialized negotiator;
  • Head of sales ;
  • Key account manager…

Testimonial: interview with Margo, technical sales representative at Eurécia

Margo Koopman, technical sales representative at Eurécia, an HR software publisher.

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