What is the job of technical director?

What is a Technical Director?

What is the role of a technical director within a company? This is a hierarchical superior whose functions involve the management of the technical means of his work environment. He ensures that the departments under his responsibility have the necessary equipment to carry out their respective missions.. It also oversees the performance of production sites and optimizes their performance while minimizing costs. It includes its procedures and objectives in a QHSE policy (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment). The technical director ensures that the recommended methods are properly applied and, if necessary, plans the maintenance of the equipment.

What does a technical director do on a daily basis?

The responsibilities of a technical director depend essentially on the size of the company and its sector of activity, such as industrial production or e-commerce. His skills are used for the following missions:

  • Undertake technical feasibility studies;
  • Identify the positions for optimizing the methods and means available;
  • Determine production goals ;
  • Choose suppliers and other collaborators related to technical services;
  • Invest in more efficient equipment;
  • Coordinate and organize team work…

The technical director works with handlers, team leaders, as well as production and logistics managers. He reports on his results to the industrial director and company manager.

What is the salary of a technical director in 2021?

The salary of a technical director depends on several factors, such as the missions or the sector of activity. A technical director earns between €5,000 and €10,000 gross per month. This disparity between salaries can also be explained by experience. A junior technical director typically earns €60,000 gross per year, while a senior technical director can end their career with an average salary of €120,000 gross per year.

How to become a technical director?

What skills do you need to be a technical director?

To apply as a technical director, it is essential to demonstrate the following skills and qualities:

  • High availability which implies recurring business trips;
  • Leadership and team management skills;
  • General technical knowledge of the company’s resources and activity.

In the same way as mastering a foreign language, regulatory standards and related legal developments are essential. This allows, among other things, to reconcile the theoretical and practical aspects while considering the constraints related to the work environment. Versatile, the technical director also has interpersonal skillsregardless of the functions of his interlocutor.

Can you become a technical director without a diploma?

The profession of technical director cannot be exercised without a diploma and solid experience in the field. Multidisciplinary skills and associated responsibilities indicate a very high level of expertise.

What studies or training to be a technical director?

Becoming a technical director requires a Bac+5 course. The recommended training courses are generally offered by universities and engineering schools. It is possible to follow different paths, such as applied mathematics, management, computer science, technical sciences or business management. Below, the diplomas to be preferred for students who want to embark on a career as a technical director:

  • DEA computer science;
  • Master of Engineering (specialization according to the desired sector of activity);
  • Bachelor in management;
  • Degree in Applied Mathematics;
  • Masters in Business Administration…

Subsequently, technical director job offers often require 6 years of experience in similar functions.

What are the professional evolutions of a technical director?

The profession of technical director can constitute the consecration of a career. However, there are prospects for moving to other positions of responsibility:

  • Manager of a production site;
  • Industrial director ;
  • Director of Consulting…

He can also consider becoming the director of a design office.

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