About Dean Romero

Dean set up Blogger3cero.com, the most read SEO blog for years in Spanish speaking. He has created the SEOWarriors.club SEO membership and is a co-founder of DinoRANK, his own SEO tool, which aspires to be the most complete and affordable all-in-one suite on the market.

Dean currently also creates email content for his list of subscribers (which already exceeds 20,000 people in 2022).

Since its inception it has been dedicated to the training on search engine optimization.

For free with his blog, with which he has managed to generate several million page views from 2014 to 2022.

And on a paid basis, where he has extended his teachings to more than 3000 students among its different courses and training products, such as Shoot Your Visits, SEOWarriors or DinoRANK.

Over the years has managed to generate several salaries of thousands of euros per month with its niche websites, it has provided SEO services to some of the largest marketing blogs in the sector and has participated in the creation of huge portals in terms of web traffic such as ExpertoAnimal.com, among many others.

Dean began as a niche and training other SEO lovers like him through his Blogger3cero blog.

Today his objective, from the different projects he directs, is make the world of SEO accessible to anyone in the world.

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