If any existing IT solution does not satisfy you, we will jointly establish your specifications and execute your development solutions as soon as possible.

Our team will allow you to consider the evolution of projects and their maintenance by means of telephone assistance or remote maintenance.

Whatever the sector of activity, it is with the same rigor and the same ability to adapt, listen and analyze that the engineers of SMVI IT, implement the most advanced and robust technologies to develop specific, industrial or consumer applications.


Full or partial support for the design and development of your software:

Your website creation project is unique.

Whether you are a company (TPE, SME, SMI), independent (solos, liberal professions) or community, we offer solutions adapted to your needs and the type of communication you wish to develop via the Web by combining ergonomics, aesthetics and technical qualities. .

SMVI IT, accompanies you in all the stages of your Internet project, from the drafting of the specifications to the promotion and the daily management of your online activities.

Intervention in creation

  • Website creation/design
  • Design & redesign of web graphic charter
  • Animation design
  • Creation of dynamic websites, specialist in databases, product catalogues, e-commerce, intranet, extranet, hosting solutions…

Multidisciplinary team

Our team of developers puts its in-depth skills in various IT development techniques at your service. We master many programming languages ​​and graphic tools allowing us to create effective sites with an attractive, original and functional design.
Thus, we master the languages ​​and systems PHP/MySQL, Web Services, ASP/Access, ActionScript, Javascript, Apache, Linux and Windows platforms, HTML integration, CSS compliant with W3C compatibility regulations, animation tools Flash, and various video editing tools.

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