Is it mandatory to put a photo on a CV?

No, the CV photo is not mandatory on a CV in 2021. There is no law requiring you to attach a photo to a CV. The anonymous CV is therefore possible. The photo on the CV is the choice of the candidate and cannot be imposed in a job offer. Therefore, no recruiter can dismiss you from a recruitment process because your photo is not on your CV.

When writing his CV, a question often arises for the job candidate: to increase his chances of being recruited, should he put his photo on it or not? What is certain is that it is not mandatory to put one. If a recruiter cannot legally dismiss your CV on the grounds that it does not include a photo, in fact they most often appreciate when it exists.

With the development of profiles of all kinds on social networks, your photo necessarily hangs out somewhere on the internet. Maybe not to your advantage either. Putting a photo on your CV can be an opportunity to restore your image by restoring a positive image of you. The photo will be controlled since selected by you. How to take the ideal photo for your CV? Our dedicated article allows you to take the best shot of you.

The advantages of a CV without a photo

Several reasons can push a candidate not to put a photo on his CV. In the first place, anonymity. By not giving clues about his physique, the recruiter will only be able to select the right person by focusing on his technical and behavioral skills mentioned in the CV.

Then, the other advantage of the CV without photo is not the least. It allows toavoid any risk of discrimination in hiring. Discrimination based on physical appearance is against the law and is sanctioned by the Labor Code. “No person may be excluded from a recruitment procedure […] because of their origin, sex, mores, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status or pregnancy, genetic characteristics, particular vulnerability resulting from its economic situation, apparent or known to its author, its membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of an ethnic group, a nation or an alleged race, of its political opinions, of its trade union or mutualist activities, of its exercise of a local elective mandate, of his religious convictions, of his physical appearancehis family name, his place of residence or his bank address, or because of his state of health, his loss of autonomy or his handicap, his ability to express himself in a language other than French” (Trav. Code, art. L1132-1).

Good to know : the only possible exception where a physical criterion can be mentioned in a job offer concerns certain professions such as the casting of actors or comedians.

To note : the perpetrator of discrimination in hiring incurs a disciplinary sanction, if it is an employee of the company, and criminal sanctions (three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros) .

Example of a good CV without photo

The advantages of a CV with photo

The CV is your professional showcase. Like the rest of the CV, the photo is a marketing act. It must inspire, exude authenticity and sincerity. It is therefore better to smile, we are always more pleasant this way.

The CV photo allows the recruiter to view the profile and therefore better memorize your application. It can therefore be a plus for you and an additional chance of being selected for the job of your dreams.

Example of a good CV with photo

Example of a good CV with photo

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