A autonomous worker, self-employed[1]To[2]To Or simply autonomous (in English freelance), an independent contractor or consultant, is one who works independently or is engaged in autonomous work that allows them to function in their profession or in those areas that may be more lucrative and are aimed at third parties that require specific services.

A freelancer is one who invests his time according to his needs and those of his clients. In many cases they do not meet routine or office hours, they have the autonomy to modify their schedule according to the workload they have and in most cases they offer their services through contracts, specifying the time they will work for the employer and under what conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages[editar]

The differences between the self-employed and the permanent job can mean an advantage or a disadvantage for the self-employed depending on their personal characteristics.

Thus, for example, in general the self-employed worker has a greater variety of assignments than in a regular job, and almost always has more freedom to choose his work schedule. This represents an advantage for those who like creative work and have the ability to properly manage their work time, but if the worker in question prefers routine work or lacks self-discipline in terms of work time, the modality will mean a disadvantage.

The greatest advantage of hiring a freelancer is ensuring effective communication, since the client has direct communication with him, this increases the quality of response and avoids misunderstandings between both parties.

The same reasoning is valid in the economic aspect. It is generally considered that self-employment receives better remuneration than fixed but lacks employment benefits such as medical insurance or retirement benefits (unless it is listed in the national Social Security system) and is subject to a possibility of variation in income. Here too, the personality of the self-employed is important because it requires him to foresee by himself the coverage of such risks (illness, advanced age, temporary decrease in income, etc.) by hiring said services in the private sector (private health, private pension plan, etc.). Where the best pay is appreciated is in the consultants who opt for jobs abroad, usually in tasks with a high technological load.

Another aspect to consider is that, in general, the self-employed should be concerned about obtaining new clients, creating new products, updating their knowledge, etc. Which, in turn, gives you the opportunity to increase your income and even, at times, to start a business or obtain a significant permanent job. However, there are people who do not have the ability or the will to take advantage of these advantages and who, on the contrary, will find a permanent job with lower income but also with lower requirements, risks and with more long-term stability more convenient.

Sometimes a freelancer will work with one or more freelancers or salespeople to form a “virtual agency” to serve a client’s particular needs for a short-term or permanent job or assignment. This versatile virtual agency model can help a freelancer find jobs that require specific and segmented skills and experiences outside of an individual’s purview. As clients change, so can the talent base that such an agency chooses for its projects.

Many publications and newspapers have recently started offering the “ghost writer or author” option. Ghost Author occurs when a freelancer signs with a publisher, but their name is not listed as a credit to their article (s). This allows the writer to receive benefits, while continuing to be classified as a freelancer, and independent of any established organization.

Another downside is that freelancers often have to deal with contracts, legal matters, accounting, marketing, and other business functions themselves. If they decide to pay for professional services, they can often turn into significant outlays. Working hours could extend beyond working hours. These services are normally contracted to specialized agencies or agencies. There are risks to take into account, but the self-employed must be aware so as not to make even more mistakes that play against them.

Self-employment is considered an additional income option, and in times of crisis self-employment is one of the best options.

Practices and compensation[editar]

According to the 2012 Self-Employed Industry Report,[3]Compiled primarily in the United States, nearly half of freelancers work writing, 18% of freelancers said writing was their primary skill, 10% opted for text editing, and 10% for so-called paste copy. Designers occupy 20%, translators with 8%, web developers with 5.5% and merchants with 4% representation in the freelance market.[3]Elance, a web platform that connects freelancers with contractors, surveyed its members and 39% of those involved attached writing and editing as their special skill.

Cultural perspectives of the self-employed[editar]

From a cultural point of view, the autonomous being is perceived both above and below the social system. To be true to Scott’s original sense of the term, some Americans and most Europeans view freelance work as a socially higher position as many are highly specialized and highly technological.

Although the self-employment methodology was previously extended in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the United States, in recent years it has also entered the entire Spanish-speaking market with force. For this reason, both in Spain and in Latin American countries it is a growing modality.[cita requerida] This job 3.0[cita requerida] It is associated with talent, since with the arrival of new technologies geographical barriers disappear and better (or cheaper) talent can be accessed even if it is thousands of kilometers away.

The Internet has opened many possibilities for the self-employed, especially for those who work in countries with cheap labor, usually dedicated to computer programming and information technology in general. For many experts, there is a nuance in this statement, and that is that the Internet does not understand geographical barriers, but it does understand cultural ones, so it is much easier for us to work with someone who shares our language.

Platforms for self-employed workers[editar]

There are different online platforms that manage the work of freelancers by contacting these workers with companies around the world that need different types of services.

The service of these platforms ranges from the management of payments, the exchange of messages, the publication of profiles of freelancers and jobs offered to, in some cases, the integral management of the service contract.

Examples of these platforms are:

  • Upwork: Jobs are posted here and remote workers are hired for almost any type of job. It is a simple platform that manages payments via credit or debit card and offers a messaging service. This platform is used by companies such as: Dropbox, Airbnb, Postcron, Zendesk, etc.
  • Fiverr: Born with the idea that any job could be done for $ 5, this platform mainly offers freelancers from the art industry although it is currently spreading to other areas.
  • Shakers: Spanish company selected by Lanzadera (Accelerator) [4]That brings together digital projects with the most motivated independent talent thanks to its match algorithm where not only professional but personal skills are taken into account. This platform is exclusive (requires validation) and not only brings together freelancers with projects, but also establishes a common framework to avoid minimizing the learning and adaptation curve between the different profiles.
  • Workana: is the Latin American company that competes as a platform for freelancers, like Upwork manages payments and offers a space for exchanging messages, its freelance associates are, for the most part, Latinos. Some of its clients are: Smartgift, Me Atende and Innominatum.
  • Toptal: is a comprehensive platform for hiring freelance programmers and designers who ensure that work is carried out with the quality and standards established by the client. The risks of hiring through this platform are almost zero, but the cost of its services is higher than in other cases. The companies that hire developers and workers through this platform are: JP Morgan, Gucci, Udemy, among others
  • Join & Job: It is a platform in which any person or company can find and offer professional services remotely. Unlike the others, to contact professionals it is not necessary to have an account on the platform.

Origin of the English term freelance[editar]

The etymology of the word derives from the medieval English term used for a mercenary (free = free Y lance = lance), that is, a gentleman who did not serve any particular lord and whose services could be hired by anyone.

The term was initially coined by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) in his renowned historical romance Ivanhoe to describe a medieval mercenary. The English phrase transitioned to a figurative noun around 1860 and was later recognized as a verb officially in 1903 by various authorities in linguistics such as the Oxford dictionary of English. Only in modern times has the term of a noun (a freelance) and an adverb (a journalist who works freelance).


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