Inspired by old textbooks, her rich past experience as a kindergarten and elementary school teacher and her pedagogical principles refined over the years, Catherine Huby has done a remarkable job by producing several files and manuals in particular for Grande Section, CP (Grade 1) and CE1 (Grade 2).

She has inspired many colleagues on teacher forums and in educational organizations. But she decided to open her own blog Welcome to the little ones where it has been gathering since November 2013 didactic reflections, mood posts, analyzes on the history of education, remarks and critical analyzes about educational policies and, last but not least, many educational tools simple, effective and free to download.

Reading his blog will be ideal for

– parents in IEF,

– parents wishing to give their children a helping hand or to catch up,

– school teachers

– FLE teachers (much more effective than many existing files)

– school teachers

– school principals, inspectors, education officials wishing to reform their school system effectively and democratically and who are not afraid to fight political correctness.

It is first and foremost to support and facilitate the work of educators like Catherine Huby that this blog exists.

Good visit ! And don’t forget to come back and tell me in the comments that I was right or that I was wrong

Reading and Expression CE1

a reading book to cover the whole year of CE1

and his master’s book:

Fourteen themes for the school year, from that of the Houses to that of the Voyages Immobiles, to finish learning to decipher, consolidate its capacities to interpret and analyze stories, tales, documentary texts, literary extracts, poems, as well as a novel for children.

For other modules, contact me using this tab: Contact

CE1 language study, a grammar, conjugation, spelling and vocabulary file and its master’s book:

Mathematics CE1

a complete file for the year of CE1

with integrated Master’s Book (in progress):

Of hisarticles on:

Practical pedagogy:

Turnkey equipment:

The results of a CP/CE1 class that follows the Visual Arts progression of Phi:

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