There are more and more opportunities in the labor market for all types of freelancers, especially in fields such as communication, marketing, web development and the digital world in general. As a freelancer you will be constantly looking for new clients to expand your network and your collaborations. If you play your tricks well, you can also be contacted directly by clients who want to use your services. In any case, when you are self-employed, it is important that you always have an updated curriculum vitae.

Are you looking for new job opportunities? Do you want to work as a freelance? Follow our tips to write your CV as a freelancer.

Professional profile

At the beginning of your cv, you should write your personal profile. In a few lines, summarize your career, your skills and your professional goals. Although this section is not mandatory in the curriculum, in your case, as a freelancer, it will be of great value. As a freelancer you will often have to convince new clients to work with you, and writing a professional profile will help you highlight your best qualities. Highlight your interest in working as a freelance here.

Personal profile

Virtual assistant with extensive experience managing social networks, writing content marketing and designing sales funnels. I am an innovative digital professional, passionate about technology and always up to date with new advances, trends and tools.


This section, as well as for working as a salaried employee, is also the most important for self-employed workers. Describe in detail your professional experience, both as a freelancer, as well as work that you have developed as an employee. To make it clear, you can identify which have been your jobs as freelance and which have been with an employment contract. Detail your missions and responsibilities, as well as clients with whom you have collaborated.

If you wish, you can introduce examples of achievements and results achieved. If your profession is creative, it is likely that you will have to accompany your resume with a portfolio as a sample of your previous work. Even if they ask you for that portfolio, be sure to carefully detail your experience, here, on your resume.

As a freelancer, you may have carried out diverse and varied tasks, focus on highlighting all those that have something to do with the job and client you aspire to get.


08/2018 – present Virtual Assistant, Freelance, Alicante

  • Virtual assistant for ecommerce customers.
  • Support for B2C digital marketing strategy
  • Creation of content for social networks: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • Writing SEO content for products and brand blogs
  • Development of sales funnels
  • Email marketing campaigns: design, writing and management
  • Website management and analysis

02/2017 – 08/2018 Community Manager, Digital Media Agency, Alicante

  • Writing and content management for social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
  • Comment moderation and response
  • Analysis of the direct and indirect results achieved with the publications.

10/2016 – 02/2017 Digital Marketing Intern, Digital Media Agency, Alicante

  • Social media management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
  • Support in email marketing campaigns
  • Extraction and analysis of campaign results
  • Keywords analysis for SEO


Training is not the most important thing, but if you have specialized training related to the type of project you aspire to, mention it in this section, along with the completion date and the center where you studied.


2017 Master in Digital Marketing, IEBS

2016 Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, University of Alicante


This section, along with professional experience, is the most important part of your resume. The skills will allow your potential clients to know what you are capable of doing. Therefore, it is essential to take care of this section, indicating your level for each of the skills. If you are responding to a job or collaboration offer, take your time to identify what skills the client is looking for and if you have them, highlight them in this section.


  • SEO – Very good
  • photoshop – good
  • Google Analytics – Very good
  • Mailchimp – Very good
  • Sales Funnels – Very Good
  • WordPress – Good

resume design

Good content is very important, but you should not neglect the design of the resume. Faced with so much job competition, an attractive resume will get them to enter the eyes and notice him and you. It should be well structured and easy to read. You can use colors and give it a creative touch, but it should look professional. Creating your own design is complex and time consuming, the easiest thing is to use a resume template or cv generator.

Create your freelancer resume here!

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