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Russian state television channel Rossiya 1 has mocked Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of acting out when trying to reach Vladimir Putin on the phone.

Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic efforts have often been ridiculed by his opponents since the start of the war in Ukraine. This time, the mockery comes directly from Moscow. On Monday, June 6, the Russian state television channel Rossiya 1 took the liberty of mocking the behavior of the French president, even inventing a term to describe his attempts at peace: the “macronite“.

Macron called very often, but luckily Putin didn’t always pick up“, welcomed the host Vladimir Solovyov on the set of Rossiya 1. “So Macron takes medicine, wondering if Putin will drop out. We now have a new word: macronite. Which means, call for nothing“, quipped the editorialist, encouraged by the laughter of his guests.

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“Before each call, he has his picture taken”

Before him, the political analyst Henry Sardaryan had split into a scathing tirade: “I read recently that French President Emmanuel Macron counted how long he spent on the phone with Vladimir Putin. Before each call, he has his picture taken where we see him suffering so much that I worry about him“, had fun the editorialist, in reference to clichés of the French president widely diverted on social networks.

Each time, he holds his head or his heart, takes painkillers. I don’t know what happens to him. Every phone call is a tough test for him“, chained the specialist. Seconds earlier, he had been careful to openly mock Western leaders as a whole:There are no real leaders in Europe. If the European heads of state of 40 years ago found out who is in charge of their countries today, they would die before their time, they would all have a heart attack“.

Threats of nuclear apocalypse

The Russian state television channel Rossiya 1 has distinguished itself since the start of the war in Ukraine for its outrageous remarks. At the beginning of May, an excerpt from his magazine 60 minutes had circulated widely on social networks, causing concern among Western Internet users. A journalist explained that the Russian nuclear missile Sarmat could easily wipe cities like Paris, London or Berlin off the map.

Supporting infographics, it declared that this weapon of mass destruction fired from Kaliningrad would take 106 seconds to reach Berlin and 200 seconds to hit London and Paris, without being able to be intercepted. Nicknamed “Satan 2”, this missile is not yet operational, despite a first test firing carried out on April 20.

More recently, the chain reiterated its threats of nuclear apocalypse. “To those (Western countries, Editor’s note) who say ‘we will deliver the weapons we want to Ukraine’, try, just try!“Threatened host Vladimir Solovyov on Sunday June 5, implying a Russian nuclear response to the delivery of long-range Western weapons. “Bang! And there’s nothing left“, joked the journalist, rejoicing in advance of”to fall into the bloodiest pages of world history“.

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